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"We're always watching Jace....."

"Hello Mr. Redd, I'm Krieg, you have much to learn and at the end of it, you'll be like us...." Him talking to Jace Redd

Krieg like The Obzuba is also one of Tin's proxies, he's stalking Jace Redd, for unknown reasons.

Appearance Edit

Krieg's appearance is shockingly similar to Springtrap's just without ears and wearing a green smiling mask, Krieg also seems more deformed than Springtrap due to the fact a massive chunk of his suit is missing on his torso.

Personality Edit

Krieg is generally weird, he's always nice and kind to proxies of Tin, and is usually pretty upbeat, he enjoys going out to kill the guard more than anything else, but when he speaks to Jace Redd he keeps smiling, he says things in a nice way like "Hello there, how've you been", but his tone is angry and malicious, always bringing up things like, How they were old friends.

Backstory Edit

According to one of The Obzuba's tapes that The Obzuba gives to Jace, "He was the purple rook from an alternate time" It's pretty obvious that he was the purple guy who was stuffed into the springtrap suit way before the horror attraction, but at the first Freddy Fazbear's Pizza restaurant not family diner but the next one.

Relationships Edit

The Obzuba: Edit

Though The Obzuba usually completely ignores him, Krieg thinks he's "As cool as a cucumber!"

Jace Redd: Edit

"An old frienemy from another past..." The Obzuba describing Krieg

Powers/Disabilities Edit

Powers Edit

  • The ability to turn completely invisible, leaving only his mask
  • The ability to turn into a shadow

Disabilities Edit

  • When he turns invisible his mask can be seen

Trivia Edit

  • Was originally gonna be foxy with a mask

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