"Nigel, I don't have much time before they take control of the tv again, but I'm Kurhi, and I'm here to he-Kurhi on the tv in five nights at Tin's, he's cut off by The Obzuba


He is only seen in the start of night 6 in Five Nights at Tin's, he wears a just black t-shirt, he has black skin (As in his skin is literally the colour black. No racism), he has scruffy black hair, two white eyes on both his hands, and for eyes and a mouth he just has two white pinholes for eyes and a thin white smile, he is usually seen in a grey background with black clouds going past.


He doesn't interact with the animatronics or people in general, when he does it's usually to try and protect people from 'The Schurken' he is merciful to everyone outside The Schurken, though he was an ex-member of them, he is very straight forward and has bad social skills, saying things that could offend people, but doesn't realise, he makes very rash decisions, and usually goes by impulse.


Like Krieg, Kurhi is from a different dimension, one where The Obzuba turns Nigel into one of The Schurken, The Obzuba from the our dimension accidentally goes there one day, and finds him, he finds out what happened to him and who he truly was, and took him back, after a while of stalking Lindsay, Kurhi rebelled from the ownership of Tin and eventually broke free from Tin, and started assisting Nigel not being turned into one of them, and stop The Schukren.



He tries to protect Nigel with his life

The Obzuba & Tin

He hates them with a passion, he doesn't mind the rest of the members



  • He can see through his hands
  • He can teleport
  • He can interrupt tv/radio signals


  • Can't go in daylight
  • Can't talk, can only communicate through videos


  • His name was changed a few times but ultimately his name was made "Kurhi" which is a mix between Kuri and Hi, Kuri meaning black and Hi meaning fire
  • Yes he is based off firebrand

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