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Larry the Squid is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all

Larry the Squid is the most deadly and evil animatronic in all of FNaF.


Larry is a white squid with 6 tentacles and a black, square eye. He has a mouth full of razor sharp teeth. He has black marks scattered across the tentacles and his teeth have blood on them.


Larry starts in pirate cove with Foxy. Rarely, if Foxy had not opened the curtains yet, the player can see Larry peeking out. One viewed, Larry will dash down the left hall. If he is blocked by the door he will bang on the door and yell gibberish. If he gets in he will immediately Jumpscare the player.


Larry is amazing in every way. He likes pizza, cookies, Mountain Dew, Cheetos, and cooked flesh. He is very sporadic, and if you insult him he bites your face off. He mostly speaks in gibberish and only knows three phrases (see quotes).


Larry the Squid is loved by everyone, even people who would normally hate him. Anyone who has ever disliked him has been exterminated by Larry or his followers.

Julian the Bat

Julian is terrified of Larry, but still likes him. Larry knows of Julian's fear and often acts as a figure of authority to him.


Note: This is all Larry can say.

  • "LARRY THE SQUIIIID" -His Jumpscare
  • "I will rek u scrub!" -Larry at the door
  • "Git Gud, m89" -Larry talking to Julian


  • You must say his name derpily.
  • You must pledge allegiance to Larry.
  • Larry is love.
  • Larry is life.
  • Larry.