"Heeheehee...we're going to have so much FUN together!"
―Layla, when she encounters Anton Fake
Layla Marion, more commonly known as 'Marion the Marionette', was the first victim of 'The Purple Guy' outside Fredbear's Family Diner. Her vengeful spirit proceeded to take the form of Marion, who resides in The Chess Room with Moriah. However, she frequents the Phantom Fredbear's location often where she takes her anger out on children killed at the various establishments who are brought there.

Layla Marion
Character Information
Gender Female
Occupation None
Starting location Phantom Fredbear's
Residency Phantom Fredbear's
First appearance 8 year old girl
Status Deceased


When she was alive Marion was of 8 years of age. She had long black hair and blue eyes, with a face which would have grown to become very beautiful. She liked to wear simple clothes, often a plain white dress and a wide-rimmed white hat. In death, her white dress is a deep black and her hat is gone. She wears a long red scarf around her neck to cover up a long, deep knife wound from where her throat was cut by the Purple Guy.


Layla is extremely bitter as a result of her death, remaining resentful of the living and manevolent in nature. She enjoys torturing those unfortunate enough to be caught by the animatronics in the real world, before forcing their spirits into empty animatronic suits at the various restaurants. Despite having the appearance of an 8 year old, she displays the mental ability of a teenager.


Layla was dropped off at Fredbear's Family Diner in 1987 by her parents, who were in a rush and so left her alone there to wait for Jace Redd, Layla's godfather. The did so too early, however, and so Jace did not meet her there. In the short timeframe between being dropped off and being collected by Jace, the Purple Guy drove up, slit her throat and drove off again.

Layla's vengeful spirit took the form of Marion after this, who resided in the Chess Room. Another part of her spirit, however, created another dimension similar to the Chess Room, which was a run-down and abandoned version of Fredbear's Family Diner. There, she waited for the animatronics in the real world to capture security guards, whose consciousnesses were brought to the Phantom Fredbear's. Other consciousnesses, or 'entities', included children killed by the various murderers in the Fnaf universe, as well as anyone else who were killed in relation to the restaurant chain. She tortured these 'entities' until they died, either by injury or lack of food and water. The 'entities' were then either released or put into animatronic suits in the real world. As a result, Layla resided in the strange, twisted dimension until the events of 'The Last Party'.

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