Left For Five Nights is a survival game made by Men in Black Corporation, in conjunction with Scott Cawthon and other companies. You play as characters from the Five Nights At Freddy's timeline, surviving hostile endoskeletons in locations.


Restaurants and other places have been overrun with reprogrammed endoskeletons, and you, along with 5 others, have to survive. Through 8 campaigns, you must survive five nights at a location, using helpful items to assist you.


Freddy Fazbear's Pizza


  • Freddy Fazbear
  • Bonnie
  • Chica
  • Foxy
  • Golden Freddy
  • Endoskeleton #7


  • Night 1: Survive and get to the saferoom at 6 AM.
  • Night 2: Find the crowbar and bust open the saferoom door.
  • Night 3: Survive a horde of zombies, and fix the saferoom door.
  • Night 4: Kill or rewire the boss, Purple Guy, and get to the saferoom afterwards.
  • Night 5: Survive an enormous wave until Lindsay rescues you in a van.

Crazy Chef's


  • Chef
  • Toy Chef
  • Medice
  • Fokkusu
  • Toy Katt
  • Watchman


  • Night 1: Survive. Get to the Kitchen saferoom.
  • Night 2: Kill 500 endoskeletons, then get to the Kitchen.
  • Night 3: Defend the Kitchen from any threats.
  • Night 4: Kill or rewire Top Chef, then find shelter.
  • Night 5: Make a final run to the helicopter outside.

Paradise Island


  • Amity
  • Rosette
  • Noteman
  • Naomi
  • Abigail
  • Dice


  • Night 1: Survive and find the saferoom.
  • Night 2: Move to the second floor.
  • Night 3: Defend the Second Floor from any threats.
  • Night 4: Kill or rewire Golden Lindsay, then find shelter on the third floor.
  • Night 5: Defend the rooftop to get evacuated.

The Inventory


  • Toy Lindsay
  • Howlin Hannah
  • Alex Bartman
  • Firefly
  • Holly
  • Ozzie


  • Night 1: Survive and get to the saferoom in Box 42.
  • Night 2: Grab and defend Sodapop's deactivated body.
  • Night 3: Find parts to fix Sodapop and get to the saferoom.
  • Night 4: Kill or rewire Photo Negative Jack, and get to the saferoom.
  • Night 5: Fix Sodapop and ride out of The Inventory.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizza (1987)


  • Toy Bonnie
  • Toy Freddy
  • Toy Chica
  • Mangle
  • Lindsay
  • Sangeruis


  • Night 1: Survive until 6AM,
  • Night 2: Defend the Show Stage from endoskeletons while a bomb is being armed.
  • Night 3: Find the Show Stage, and kill or rewire Golden Holly for taking it.
  • Night 4: Arm the bomb and run out of the pizzeria.
  • Night 5: Kill 675 endoskeletons that survived the blast.

Chuck E. Cheese's


  • Metal Freddy
  • Mad Jack
  • Chuck E. Cheese
  • Mr. Munch
  • Jeff Red
  • Jasper T. Jowls


  • Night 1: Meet up with Chuck E. Cheese and find the saferoom.
  • Night 2: Get out of the basement.
  • Night 3: Look for Amy and find the saferoom.
  • Night 4: Rewire Amy, and find the saferoom.
  • Night 5: Kill all the endoskeletons.

Custom Campaign

Unlocked when all campaigns are beaten. Make your own campaign with all missions and all characters. Completing all Night 5 missions with any characters, will unlock Golden Toy Chica.

Endless Campaign

Defend a fort from endoskeletons endlessly. Use money earned to buy characters, upgrades, and supplies.


Golden Toy Chica

Unlocked once all Night 5 missions are beaten in the Custom Campaign.

Cupcake Carrie

Unlocked once you beat all Night 4 missions in a single custom campaign.


Beat 50 waves on Endless Mode.


Play the game on December 25.


Medicine Slot Items

  • Regenerator: Regenerates health for you and your teammates for 1 minute. Uncommon.
  • Medi-Kit: Heals 75 health. 4 are found in each saferoom.
  • Shock Treatment: Revives one dead animatronic or human. 1 is found in each saferoom every two nights.
  • Rewire: Every night, one of these will be hidden on the map. Rewires one endoskeleton to fight for you.

Help Slot Items

  • Gold Foxy: Used as a riot shield that blocks 50% of damage. Uncommon.
  • Dezaray: Claws enemies faces off. Found in every saferoom during Night 3.
  • Gunner: An animatronic machine gun. Found in multiple campaigns.
  • Sparkplug: Chomps enemies when near them. Found in Night 2 missions.

Boost Slot Items

  • Degreaser: Makes you faster and stronger. Found commonly through the game.
  • Oil Shot: Gives a temporary health boost of 75%. Uncommon.
  • Beefsteak: Makes you invincible for 10 seconds. Rare.
  • Energizer: Has 3 uses; makes you faster, stronger, and jump higher. Uncommon.



Axe: Chops endoskeletons in half. Bleeds enemies.

Magnum 44.: High damage, slow reloading time. Knocks enemies back.

Frying Pan: Very powerful and fast, and knocks enemies back.

Medicinal Launcher: Launches a healing syringe at allies to heal them. Does low damage.

Throwing Knives: Fast, high rate of throwing, but low speed. Some knives may cause bleeding or knockback.

Soda Spitter: Explodes in acid when fired.


Ak-47: High rate of fire, and does good damage. It has low ammo, though.

Sniper Rifle: Very high damage and low rate of fire. It has the best range in game.

Scar-H: Decent fire, accuracy, and damage.

Grenade Launcher: Explodes on contact with enemies.

Flamethrower: Lights endoskeletons on fire.

Special Enemies

Gold Endoskeletons: These warp in front of you and tackle you. Your teammates must rescue you If tackled.

Sodaspitters: When shot, they explode into acid that you have to walk around.

Lighters: If you shine a flashlight in their face, they will charge at you.

Listeners: If you hear growling,you have to wind the Music Box to ward off these endoskeletons.

Loners: When near these endoskeletons, you have to avoid looking at them.

Riders: These jump on your head and ride you into danger.

Character Weapons

Name Use Special Used by
Fists Destroy animatronics by punching them. Disabling Freddy
Chain Gun Mow down endoskeletons quickly. None. Bonnie
Chef's Pizza Heal allies and knockback enemies. Knockback Chica
Bite Lunge at an enemy and bite his head off. BleedingX3 Foxy
Poster Set it on a wall and it will supress endoskeletons. Disabling Golden Freddy
Scrap Cannon Uses parts from dead endoskeletons as ammo; lights them on fire. Fire Endoskeleton #7
Butcher Knife Does massive melee damage. BleedingX2 Chef
Zweihänder Slower, but more powerful than the Butcher Knife. BleedingX3 Toy Chef
Hook Shot Grapple onto walls and stab multiple endoskeletons. None Medice
Katari Quickly stab endoskeletons. Knockback Fokkusu
Signal Disruptor and Wrench Hack and repair endoskeletons with this. HackingX5 Toy Katt
Camera Flash Stuns endoskeletons in a short radius. Dizziness Watchman
Snigun Takes out multiple enemies from far away. None Amity
EMP Charger Stuns endoskeletons. Disabling Rosette
Boombox Blasts endoskeletons back with music. Knockback Noteman
Riot Shield Protects allies by halving damage. Bleeding Naomi
Violin When you hit enemies, music will play and distract enemies. Dizziness Abigail
Poker Chips Throw them at endoskeletons to cause damage. None Dice
Golden Knuckles Punch enemies to send them flying. Knockback Toy Lindsay
Claws Kill endoskeletons from behind to detonate them. None Howlin' Hannah
Taser Disables animatronics and shocks them. Shock+Disabling Alex Bartman
Flamethrowers Lights endoskeletons on fire. FireX2 Firefly
Bow Fires an arrow that pierces multiple enemies. None. Holly
Snowflake Clips Sticks endoskeletons to walls. Sticking Ozzie
Camera Have an ability base on the last endoskeleton you killed with this gun. Effect Toy Freddy
Squash Smash endoskeletons into the ground. None Toy Bonnie
Cupcake Maker A shotgun that heals allies and damages enemies. None Toy Chica
Lunge Dive into endoskeletons and knock them back. Knockback Mangle
Kunais Can be picked after thrown. Bleeding Lindsay
Arm Launcher Fires a shadow bolt that explodes in a black hole. Disabling Sangeruis
RPG Fires a rocket that explodes. Knockback Metal Freddy
Machete Cuts endoskeletons in half. BleedingX2 Mad Jack
Carving Knife Every kill without losing health makes Jeff faster and stronger. Power Jeff Red
Ticket Blaster Blasts ticket at enemies. Can activate ticket machines for boosts. ActivationX5 Chuck E. Cheese
Fruitcake Kills one endoskeletons instantly. Takes 10 seconds to get a new one. DisgustingTaste Jasper T. Jowls
Sun Lights endoskeletons on fire. Fire Mr. Munch
Golden Cupcaker Kills endoskeletons instantly and heals allies from death. None Golden Toy Chica
Fan Bleeds enemies. Bleeding Cupcake Carrie
Stun Ray Keeps endoskeletons in place. Freezing Pizzacam
Present Launcher Gives a random effect to endoskeletons. Random Santa

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