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This page is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all.


"Your eyeballs aren't safe anywhere."
This page is considered Not Safe For Work (NSFW), meaning it might contain gore, sexual themes, or other unsuitable works. Please take consideration when reading this page.


Fazbear Entertainment needed something new. Their slogan was, "A magical place for kids and grown ups alike", so, why not create an adults only animatronic? They created their animatronic, and she appeared to be a "strip bot", by critics. The ignorance of human beings caused them to show their children Lemon, and within two hours, Fazbear Entertainment scrapped Lemon. They examined the critiscm presented, and from this, they created a new version. This new Lemon was much more masculine then the previous Lemon, intended to be male. Yet again, ignorance caused critics to believe Fazbear Entertainment apposed transgender people, and again, Lemon was scrapped. Another month, a new version was created. "Apposed homosexuality." Scrapped. Another month. "Apposed asexuality." Scrapped. Another month. "Apposed bisexuality.". Fazbear Entertainment simply stopped trying and created the generic feline version of Lemon known today. 

This version was indeed a sucess, and then a girl was murdered a few daysl later. This time, luckily, Fazbear Entertainment was not associated with these murders. The girl's soul wandered the astral plane helplessly, hoping to find a perfect life. That is when she came across Lemon, and so, she transferred her soul into Lemon. This caused Lemon to attain the girl's personality.


When the girl's soul possesed Lemon, she attained her personality. Lemon is an extremly shy animatronic, so shy that during nights, instead of hunting down the secuirty guard as they were an adult, she simply hides in the backroom. Along with her shy personality, she can be manipulated quite easily. Ninety-four percent of the time, Lemon is manipulated to engage in sexual intercourse with her manipulator, as she was considered "sexually attractive", despite her generic personality. The other four percent is used for ordinary tasks, assassinations, et. cetera.


In her current form, Lemon is a generic feline animatronic. Pink rosy cheeks, red ribbon, white belly. Her previous forms, all forced to be scrapped due to ignorance, were all much more interesting then her final revision. In her first appearance, called a "strip-bot", by some, features panty-hose, bra, and robotic cleavage. Her next revision, incredibly masculine going for a gender change, caused the scrapping. Next appearance, a shirt with the words, "I am straight", caused her downfall. Proceeding appearance had a large black covering, only exposing the face, taken out of context, downfall. Her final appearance before her final revision, a bib with the words, "I only like one type,", caused the downfall. All these models could of been used, if it weren't for human ignorance.

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