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Linda's Appereance

Linda is a 10 year old girl who was stuffed in a Snowstruck Destruction suit on her 10th birthday.


Purple Guy told her and her friend Brace (who is now Bracer) that there is a unicorn behind the building. Linda and her friend followed Purple Guy and were killed. He stuffed Linda in a Snowstruck suit.


Linda has a lavander dress with purple flowers. She has silver hair and blue eyes.


Hey Brace! Whats Up? - Everytime Linda sees Brace

I can't wait to see the new animatronics! - Her reply when her mom tells her they are going to Freddy Fazbear's for her birthday


  • Linda's last name is the last name of her creator
  • Her appereance resembles Snowstruck. Gray hair = Snowstruck

Lavander Dress = Toystruck Black shoes = Phonestruck Red tights = Nightstruck

  • Her hair style looks like Star's from the Disney XD Show Star VS The Forces Of Evil



Before and After death

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