"Well, they call me Lindsay. My official name is a whore, apparently, but people don't like that name for some reason."

Lindsay Kingsland is the strategist of the Cutting Crew and one of its original members. She wears a white t-shirt under a leather jacket, along with black shoes and jeans to match. She is about 4"7, with brown eyes and long, flowing red hair.


Born on June 9th, 1985, she was the daughter of Jason and Ylviere Kingsland. She had a nice life and parents for a short while, before an event occurred with The Manifestation: They had the ability to see slightly into the future, so they predicted a warrior with "Dark eyes and blood locks", of course having the description fit Lindsay. So, the Manifest took control of Lindsay's father, and made him abuse his daughter by beatings.

Life wasn't easy for her: Often times, she would have to be forced to murder people, burn down places, etc. During this time, she was lonely and needed someone besides her family to listen to her. She made a lot of friends that she would later date, but her father murdered them all. Thus began a series of broken relationships, which Lindsay is known for.

Also finding solitary company in animatronic restaurants such as Freddy's, Lindsay made friends with The Chef and the rest of the original crew at his pizza palace: She visited him every day, loving talking to what was really people inside machines. But, one day, Crazy Chef's was closed; Freddy's had sued the company for the animatronic, since their Fredbear animatronic stuffed it.

The rest of the Cutting Crew were left to rot, but they did manage to find where Chef had gone to, and they followed his moving truck there. But before he got there, Mad Jack did Lindsay a favor, by burning down her house: This led to Jason's death and the scattering of the Kingsland family: Amity becoming a part-time maid, Rosette becoming a detective, Ylviere becoming a hentai\manga writer, and Lindsay finding home at Freddy's, where she found the rest of the Crew ready to take her in.

From there, the events of past games came: The Five Nights At The Inventory games, Cutting Crew: A Hard Act To Follow, etc. All the while, Lindsay was happily helping the Crew and murdering night guards: She was a cannibal, as her family was given human meat as sustenance. From there, she was given a daughter by Tin, Tinsay, and a proxy named Cuco.

Then, the first war of the kingdoms came, and Lindsay let the CC's militia into battle: Needless to say, they were destroyed, but Amity got wind of the news and couldn't accept the fact she was dead. So, she stuffed endoskeleton parts into her, thus sealing her soul within the endoskeleton parts, but still retaining her personality through her human brain and heart being intact.

From there, she slowly rebuilt the Crew, eventually having all the originals and new characters of the CC activated again. It was a time of prosperity for the Crew: They grew into a respectable kingdom, even making an uneasy alliance with the Robot Kingdom, who had destroyed them before. Burning this time, she married Yellow Guy and had another daughter, Lucile Smith.

In the events of an old game, Lindsay was killed by bullet to the head by SearchForPurple. It is unknown wether this will be canon in the new game, Cutting Crew: Legacy, as SFP's creator is no longer active on this wiki.


Lindsay is a very upbeat, sarcastically sweet woman, even with her sad past behind her. She'll help anybody that needs it, and flirt with anybody she likes. This, of course, can be annoying to some, but for most people, Lindsay is a respectable woman for some reason.


  • Freddy Fazbear-Most the animatronics didn't accept Lindsay at Freddy's, but none hated her more than Freddy. He always saw her as just another human that wants to disassemble them for parts: He was Lindsay's favorite when she came to Freddy's however.
  • Mangle/Toy Foxy-Mangle always liked Lindsay, be caused she'd repair it when it was mangled at the 1987 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. When it was moved to storage at the new 90s Fazbear's Pizza, Lindsay brought her out and had it work as a chef: The two were friends ever since.
  • Fredbear/Golden Freddy-It seems they had time together training for something at Freddy's, considering the way they speak to each other. Little else is known.
  • Seven-The endoskeleton from the 90s Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was taken by Lindsay and rebuilt into a CC general, Seven: It always admired her, but it never could say anything to her due to lack of voice box. But when he was rebuilt with one, Lindsay was married, so he was left dead in the friend zone. They still talk, but there seems to be a slight love interest still in him.
  • Golden Lindsay-GL is actually the spirt of Jason Kingsland, and since his soul still belongs to the Manifest, she hates and even slightly fears him.
  • Toy Lindsay-The two consider each other sisters, though they do fight a lot about seemingly nothing, as compared to Lindsay's closeness to her other three sisters.
  • Cecilia Goldsmith-Cecilia actually is very strange around Lindsay, despite their similiar personas: In fact, she is quiet around all people of Kingsland-descent. Reasons are unknown yet, but speculation surrounds: Cecilia could be a lost sister to them, she is secretly a Manifest agent, etc.
  • Fennel the Fennekin-The two have had many an adventure together, and Lindsay considers her a friend in her small circle of sisterhood: Fennel really enjoys her company.
  • Mr. Handy-The two are cold blooded killers, but Lindsay does not to exterminate the human race, as compared to Mr. Handy's wrathful slaughtering. It's a respect/hate relationship, a unfriendly rivalry.

She is currently married to Yellow Guy, and she has 3 daughters, Cuco, Lucile, and Tinsay.



  • In an RP, it was said that the Kingsland family had a pet bunny before Jason made the family eat it without their knowledge. Lindsay's lines even hint at it in CCL.
  • Several running gags appear in stories, games, and RPs:

  • One is Lindsay's full name, with her middle name being Eliza. Everyone seems to be shocked whenever they hear it, to her annoyance.
  • Another is a joke of which the creator made, stating that she tries dating presidents to get interviews on TV. It never works for her, anyway.
  • In CCL, Lindsay is wearing short, rounded glasses: It's heavily implied that she just wears them to look pretty, however.

  • Despite her dad killing her dates, her first one, Roarke Williams, who appears in Human Vs. Machine, is still alive. They broke up due to "health concerns".
  • Lindsay is modeled after what the creator thinks is a perfect woman, with additions of cannibalism and murderous dating.
  • It's possible with Custom Nights to set Lindsay's difficulty, despite her not being an animatronic. However, on the Custom Night, there's a gold pocket watch on your table. So, it's possible you hypnotized her into being easier or harder. This is hinted at a pink slip in game: you are fired for "Talking bad about the company", so you could have possibly convinced Lindsay that you are on the animatronic's side and\or you are going to murder the animatronics(to make the night harder).
  • Lindsay does have a Jumpscare, but it occurs in after a sequence of events. If Chef is at your right door when the power goes out, All of the Cutting Crew will be standing in front of you, with the lights flickering and a distorted version of the Spanish March playing in the background. It is similar to when Freddy kills you, as it can kill you at any given time, and when it does, Lindsay will jump at you with a knife.


"Y'know, I wish a famous guy like Tom Cruise would come work the night guard shift...I need prime rib, so to speak."

"Sounds kinky! How can I get in on it?"

"*mimicking Phone Guy* Hello?...Hello? Hello? HELLO!? Ah, just kidding. Name's Lindsay, I kill you. Bye!"

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