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This is a list of known games planned for the future. Edit to add your planned games if you like.



  • Animatronics Creed
  • The Binding of Jake
  • SCP Animatronic Breach
  • FoxyField
  • MechCraft
  • DomZ
  • Freddy Adventure 2


  • FNAF Scream Team Done!
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Crazy Malfunction


  • Mini Five Nights at Freddy's 3
  • Handy's Halloween 2
  • Mini Five Nights at SpongeBob's 2
  • Government Operation 2
  • Five Nights of Hell
  • Five Nights at Spongebob's: Plunging into Darkness
  • Five Nights at Handy's


  • Five Nights Protecting the Old Animatronics
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Operation Annihilation


  • Freddy Emblem
  • Five Nights at Lavender Town (May be made into a real game if Gao stops being lazy)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's Fanon Wiki
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: The Grand Finale (Gao's final game)


  • The Search of Six 2
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: The Infinite Night
  • FN@F High school
  • Restricted, Green VIP pass needed
  • Restricted, Level 7 biohazard
  • My Friend, I don't give credit, come back when your a little mmmmmmmmm..... richer!!!


  • Freddy and Bonnie: Pairs of '87
  • ColourTale (Don't ask.)
  • Five Nights at Bolt's 4


  • Project: Yellow Bear (October 2015)
  • Project: Next Gen (December 2015)
  • Project: Memories (Q1 2016)


  • Five Nights at the Death Star
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Left Behind


  • Five Nights at Slenderverse (I dunno what the freak I'm going to make this)


  • Photo-Negative Five Nights at Freddy's 2
  • Photo-Negative Five Nights at Freddy's 3
  • Five Nights at Fortran's
  • Five Nights at Fortran's 2
  • One Night at Robotnik's
  • Five Nights at Mario's
  • Grand Theft Freddy


Five Nights at Mideval's

Five Nights at Mideval's 2


  • Five Nights at Freddy's:Kiddie Palace

Ivan the Iguana

pass needed: Palm tree pass


  • Five Nights At Freddy's: The Mask of the Puppet 2

Stella is Missing

Stella the cat goes missing so DF and GTF must find her. Final Boss: Purple Puppet.


Five Nights at Rainbowman's 3

Toy Bonnie Simulator

Five Nights at Pacman (maybe...)

Five Nights at Demo's (maybe...)

Seven Nights at Miner's


A Wikia Contributor (FazbearDestructer101)

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Remodels


  • Eight Nights at Tonic's : Fleetway
  • A Nightshift at Fredbear's

Wikia contributor

DISCLAIMER: When I make the games listed below, no one is allowed to edit them other than me, unless there are spelling, grammar, or punctuation errors. I'M LOOKING AT YOU, GAOMON332

Journey Through Time

Demonic BB

  • Ingtrap'sspray Eturnray (Translating reveals the key...)


  • Attack on Purple Guy


  • One Night at Loser Prison
  • Five Nights at The Diner Reboot
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Misconceptions
  • FNaF: Scrapped Revamped (Currentley on hiatus)


  • Five Nights at Spida's


  • Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (PC GAMA Version)
  • Life of a Purple Man


  • Fazbear ???????
  • Five Nights at Freddys 5 (MarioVsSonicFan's Version)


  • Five Night's at Frina's 2
  • Five Night's at Creepypasta's 2
  • Five Night's at Jason and Friends

FNAF other

  • Freddy the fighters: Remasterd story mode
  • FNAF 5 (My version)
  • One hour at the Bathroom

Geno10/Darkhood Terrace

  • FNAF Life
  • Fazbear Road
  • Fazbear Tapped Out


  • Fazbear Frenzy: Story Mode
  • Freddy Kart: Turbo Drift
  • FNaF 5 (My version)
  • First Night at Gadds Mansion (AKA Five Nights at Luigi's Mansion 3)
  • 5 days at Freddy's


  • Regret it or Not-2016
  • 5;U2-2016 or 2017
  • Fush's Waterpark-2016 or 2017
  • Five Nights at Freddy's:Brother Location-2016 or 2017
  • Contributor City-2016 or 2017
  • Six Nights at Tim's-2017


  • Twinkle: The Story of the Scrapped Ones
  • Droid Season 3
  • Spring Fish's Amusement Park
  • Piggie's Snackeria


  • Elemental Wars
  • Stranded
  • Fate's Cruel Hands


  • Five nights at The Digital World Remastered
  • Five nights at The Digital World 2
  • Five nights at The Digital World 3
  • Five nights at The Digital World 4
  • Five nights at The Digital World: Sister location
  • Five nights at The Digital World: The end of Digimon Entertainment
  • Five nights at The Digital World: Nightmare before Digimon
  • Five nights at The digital World: Let Them entertain
  • Five nights at The Digital World: The End of Digibots
  • Five nights at Pikmin
  • Five nights at Pikmin 2
  • Five nights at Pikmin 3: The end of Pikmin
  • Five nights at Pikmin 4: before it all
  • Five nights at The Digital World: Before it all
  • Greymon and Pikmin


  • One Night at Roy's(finished)
  • One Night at Roy's 2
  • Five Nights with Plants 2
  • A Tale at the Funhouse

An annoying guy

  • EDWH: Hitler Location


Downtown Freezy

  • Summer Job


  • Ten Nights at Buck's 2.
  • Five Nights At Frankburt's
  • Five Nights at GoldieParaDiner.
  • Five Nights at Buster's (Yes another spin off this time including Buster.)
  • Eight Nights At Ennard's.
  • Five Nights in Undertale. (Joke just a random joke.)
  • Ten Nights at Buck's:Sister Location.


  • Ten Days at Foxina's 1,2,3,4,5,and 6.
  • Ten Days at Foxina's:Combat Location(rpg)
  • One Day at Cally's 1 and 2 (spinoff)
  • Foxy Shooter Over Nine Thousand(joke)
  • Weekend at TheMarvalousNerdyGamer's(joke)


  • Five Nights at the Home Depot (part-done)
  • Five Nights at Springy's
  • Five Nights at Springy's 2
  • Five Nights at Springy's 3
  • Five Nights at Springy's: Legend of the Sword
  • Five Nights at Springy's: La La Land
  • Six Nights in Candyland
  • Seven Nights at Jiggly's
  • 8 Nights at Baby's (collab with Noah.4434.)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's: Modern Warfare (public page)


Unnamed BFDI themed Fangame

Unnamed Sequel to the Above

Unnamed 3rd Game

Five Nights At Vineland Island

Five Moghts at Vineland Island 2


  • Horror Nights at Music Man's 2 "Deep Deep Underground" done
  • Five Nights at Luigi's Mansion 5. Family Reunion
  • Five Nights at Luigi's Mansion 6. The Finale
  • Five Nights with a Rest


  • Five Nights at Springtrap's: Reimagined (March 2018; 3rd anniversary celebration)
  • TERRORSHIFT 2: Corruption (March/April 2018)
  • TERRORSHIFT - Easter DLC (April 2018)
  • Abstract (April/May 2018)
  • Fazbear Arcade (May 2018)
  • Inkpocalypse: A Cuphead/FNaF Crossover (May/June 2018; collab with Germnoobking)
  • CHUCK E: Childhood Demons (June/July 2018; Chuck E. Cheese's/Showbiz Pizza Place themed fan game)
  • TERRORSHIFT 3: Remembrance (July 2018)
  • X.15 (July/September 2018; X: Purgatory teaser game)
  • Abstract 2 (August/September 2018; placeholder name)
  • Judgement Day (Halloween 2018; FNaTI themed fan game)
  • X: Purgatory (Autumn/Winter 2018)
  • Afton Robotics, Inc. (late 2018/early 2019; FNaF pizzeria tycoon game)


Seven Night's at Mike's Episodes

  • Seven Night's at Mike's : First Hours ( 1 : Unknown release date )
  • Seven Night's at Mike's : Extra Nights ( 2 : Unknown release date )
  • Seven Night's at Mike's : The Reminder ( 3 : unknown release date )
  • Seven Night's at Mike's : Old Ones ( 4 : unknown release date)
  • Seven Night's at Mike's : The Machines ( 5 : unknown release date )

Two Weeks at Ralf's 2 Episodes

  • Two Weeks at Ralf's : Behind the Happiness (EP1)
  • Two Weeks at Ralf's : The last weeks (EP2)

Other Games

  • The First One's
  • Last of Fazbear's
  • They've Followed me Home - A Bad Memory
  • The Attraction : Middle of a Fire

Fazbear's Investigation Episodes

  • Fazbear's Investigation : Happiness or Death (EP1)
  • Fazbear's Investigation : Closed Down (EP2)
  • Fazbear's Investigation : Going in the Fire (EP3)
  • Fazbear's Investigation : Closed for Good (EP4)

Wish of Death Episodes

  • Wish of Death: No Idea
  • Wish of Death: Shouldn't be here
  • Wish of Death: Underground Floors
  • Wish of Death: SWAT Rescue
  • Wish of Death: Lockdown
  • Wish of Death: They Follow


  • Irianachan's Ar-cookie-cade!
  • Iri's Nights of Pranking 3: Phantom of the Pranking

Lord Bowser

  • Five Nights at Freddy's 5 (my version)
  • Five Nights at Freddy's 6 (my version)
  • Five Nights with Steamed Hams (joke page)
  • A Night With The Cryptids (probably gonna cancel that)
  • Five Nights at Rex's: Survival (possible 10th installment in the FNaR series; not confirmed; unofficial title)