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List Of Stories/Fanfics Planned For The Future

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This is the list of Stories or Fan Fictions planned for the future.

ShadicFazbear Edit

Fazbear Tales: Not Responsible for Damage or Dismemberment


[None, come back later.]

SilverCyberlink Edit

  • Darkest Corners


  • Steel Drive

Enderspring Edit

  • Just Some Backstory

Bolt-Weed Edit

  • Sapella's Deep Revenge
  • Three Days Grace

DsFanboy Edit

  • Toy Chiconnrygle's making

Cityws Edit

  • That smile......

Rage the Hedgehog Edit

  • It's Me...
  • Simple Pleasures

Kamikazewolf Edit

  • Bonnette's Revival

Aidan the Hedgehog Edit

A Night at Freddy's: The Video Game

Ivan the Iguana Edit

The first Halloween

A Wikia contributor Edit

  • Ink It Up! (The Game)

Emerald1052 Edit

The Love Monster (A parody story of the movies "Beauty and the Beast" and "How to Train Your Dragon")

Experiment Edit

Nightmare: Bracer's Origins

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