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Five Nights in Storage

  • Golden Freddy appears in this game. He is withered, and can crash your game if he jumpscares you.
  • Eyeless Spongebob can and will attack and kill you.
  • Shadow Foxy May sometimes appear right in front of you. He is a full black silhouette of Foxy with white eyes and teeth.

Five Nights in Storage 2

  • Golden Freddy returns in the same way as before.
  • Eyeless Spongebob can occasionally bee seen hanging from the ceiling in the Window Room.
  • Dark Krabs makes his only appearance in this game, sometimes appearing in the far left of the office,

Five Nights at Spongebob's 1, 2, and 3


  • Dark is the angry soul of a child Mr. Krabs accidentally killed.
  • The text We're Back can sometimes flash on screen, similarly to "It's Me" from FNAF. Along with this there will be images flashing on screen of the Withered Animatronics from FNASB2.


  • Dark reappears.
  • "We're Back" is replaced with We're Here, implying the game is a sequel. Dark, Dark Spongebob, and Dark Patrick May flash on screen as well.


  • Dark returns.
  • We're Forgotten replaces the previous two text hallucinations. Spongebob, Spongebob 2.0, Patrick, Sandy, and Dark Patrick will flash on screen as well.


Freddy Fortress

  • The map titled 'Round-a-bout Now', if you take the begining of each letter and symbol from it's description, it says, "It's me".

Call Of Bonnie:Animatronic Ops

Mad jack is Reznov so he's not really there cause reznov died in Vorkuta

at the end of the campaign if you beat it on Golden Freddy mode (legendary) you will get a cutscene of all the characters from the game doing caramelldansen with the music playing in the background

The Hunt for Stella (aka Stella is Missing)

G.T. Foxy appears as a ghost, referencing the battle between Foxy and P.G.F.F. vs the Purple Guy in the Puppet Strikes Back comic.