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Basically a list of any scrapped OCs. Add a short description of its concept.

DsFanboy Edit

Refreshed puppet. Edit

Was going to be the 3.0 version of the puppet.

Toy Chicko Edit

Was going to be the toy version of Chicko.

Bronze Freddy Edit

Freddy is already (technically speaking) bronze,plus it will ruin Sliver Freddy.

Toy Spring Edit


ManinBlack007JK Edit

Eliza Edit

The original Lindsay: She was blonde with blue eyes. She was basically the same as her, but different looks.

Ron Smith Edit

A teenage son of Fritz Smith that was going to be in A Night In Paradise.

Blood Beast Edit

A scrapped animatronic for Unity. He was to be Hunter's pet.

RandomzSunfish23901 Edit

Box Art Edit

A present animatronic who would give candy to kids by opening himself. Was replaced by Cluckie.

Moxy Edit

A blank panther who would've been very seductive. Removed due to there being too many seductive characters.



The original version of Bungale. Was scrapped due to design problems. He was a lot more rude, and HATES using his tail to attach to things.

Unnamed Bunny AnimatronicEdit

An idea that came to the creator quickly. Was scrapped due to there already being a lot of bunny animatronics.

SilverCyberlink Edit

Balloon Friend Edit

This guy was created just as the Freddy's Revenge page was being made, but was erased by the time the page went online. He was left out due to unoriginality, and very soon after he was scrapped, someone else took that name, leaving BF scrapped and nameless. He was to wear a green and blue jumper and beanie, and had black hair.

Unnamed Wolf Animatronic Edit

An idea that was quickly scrapped after the creator thought it to be too unoriginal, due to the fact that many, many wolf OCs exist online.

Unnamed Puppet-like Animatronic Edit

Scrapped for an unknown reason. The creator was considering this for Freddy's Revenge, but had a change of heart.


Unnamed Cat AnimatronicEdit

Scrapped because the creator thought it was too unoriginal. However, this cat animatronic might be revived into a different one.

Aidan the HedgedogEdit

This was scrapped cause Aidan is a Sonic fan character, and also wa a dumb to think about. He was going to wield a flaming sword, have black stripes on his fur, and only crawl thru the vents.


Alistair the EagleEdit

Alistair was supposed to be Kami's first male OC uploaded. However, he lost interest in the idea, and knew a defender animatronic would be unoriginal.


Ai UesakaEdit

Mikoto's twin sister. She has bangs covering her eyes. Removed for being a ripoff of Shion from Higurashi.


A white bird animatronic who seem to act like Voler's older brother.


A wolf animatronic who is the original leader of The Disasters.


The original Charlotte. Was removed because she looked like a ripoff of Belarus from Hetalia.

Gaomon332 Edit

Fazzy Fredbear Edit

Gao's first OC. Used to be his favorite character, before he realized how much he sucked. Scrapped because he's a piece of sh!t.

Wikia contributor Edit

Shonna Edit

Wikia's first OC, who was going to be a human waitress and have blonde hair and green eyes. Scrapped because she forgot about Shonna. However, this OC eventually returned as Springfield.


Pigby Edit

Pigby is a pink pig animatronic, with a green bowtie and two black buttons. He was going to be in Five Nights At Fazbear Funhouse.

Mr. Snail Edit

Mr. Snail is a small white snail animatronic, with a red bowtie and a brown shell. He was going to be in Five Nights At Fazbear Funhouse.

The Torture Edit

The Torture is a brown torture device machine, that looks like a animatronic. He is very withered and has a dead person inside of him. He was going to be in The Finale At Freddy's.

Spring-Koly Edit

Spring-Koly is a golden spring-lock koala animatronic. He is very withered and has a person inside of him. He was going to be in FNAF: Scrapped 3.

Draco The Dragon Edit

Draco is a black and red dragon animatronic, who was going to be in Five Nights At Fazbear Funhouse and my cancelled game Five Nights At Freddy's Waterpark.

Toy Springtrap Edit

Toy Springtrap is a toy version of Springtrap. He is a golden bunny animatronic, with blue cheeks and a blue bowtie. He was going to be in Five Nights At Fazbear Funhouse.

Shadow Dylan Edit

Shadow Dylan is the shadow version of Dylan. He is a purple human animatronic with white eyes. He was going to be in my upcoming game, Five Nights At Fazbear Funhouse: Remade.

Tedbear Edit

Tedbear is a tiny golden bear animatronic with a purple top hat and a purple bowtie. He was going to be in FNAF: Scrapped 2.

Old Tyler Edit

Old Tyler is the old version of Tyler. He was going to be a very withered, blue artic fox animatronic. He was going to be in FNAF: Scrapped 2.

Geno10/Darkhood Terrace Edit

Fennia the Fox Edit

This Fox animatronic was going to be a Fennik Fox animatronic and a partner to Larry the Lion. Not much was done on her, but some concept art. She might return in FNAF World Adventures.

Nova Edit

This Golden Endoskeleton was inspired by Simon of POPGOES, but was quickly scrapped.

Cyton Edit

This cyborg human thing, was going to be a part of the Risistance, a scrapped story that was going to feature lots of new animatronics.

Max the Monkey Edit

This bass playing, monkey animatronic was inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog concept art in which Sonic had a band with Max Monkey on Bass.

Clauck the Rooster Edit

Like Max the Monkey, this animatronic was inspired by a Sonic concept art, and would have looked similar to the chicken in this artwork:

Freda Fazbear Edit

This animatronic was a female bear intended for Five Nights at Freda's.

She has the same structure as Funtime Freddy, but has no speaker or puppet. She is also Brown and White

compared to FF's White and Pink.

Bunni Edit

This animatronic was a female version of Bonnie with a more feminine structure and colors of White and Cyan.

Chika Edit

Chica and Chika are not too different, but Chika is Green with a more Tribal Chief Chicken Look compared to chica.

Foxina Edit

Foxina is a red, female, fox animatronic who is almost the same as Funtime Foxy. However she is all red and is a pirate.

Roxy Edit

She is the custom made daughter of Foxy and Mangle. She is small, pink and has markings of a shattered star behind her right eye and on her arms. She is a pirate.

Peri Edit

She is a green alien animatronic resembling Peridot from Steven Universe mixed with Zim from Invader Zim.

Giritta Edit

She is the Original Partner to Peri, being a small green alien resembling Gir mixed with Lapis.

The Four Dragons Edit

Pyro, Ferro, Spyro, and Ripto are four dragon animatronics of Red, Green, Purple, and Orange respectivly.

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