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Add any ships for characters, be them animatronic or human, here. Be sure to add them to either the "Canon" or "Non-Canon" section so that they can be distinguished!

Ships that have not been supported in at least one Roleplay or Story will go into Cracked Pairings for reasons.

Canon Ships

Pomx Naga the Dragon

Julian the Bat x Megumi the Fox

Phantom Bonnette x Amy

GLaDOS and Wheatley

Megumi x Konton

Ebony x Konton

The Puppet Queen x Swan

King Freddy x Queen Chica

Rei x Holly

Abigail x Peppermint

The Puppet Queen x King Freddy

Maravedi x Shadow of Mine

Milo X Shylee

Rexy the T-rex x Dilly the Dilophosaur

Larry the Lizard x Amy the Axolotl

Risa the Raccoon x Larry the Lizard

Pluto x Risa the Raccoon

Gamer Guy x Wolfy

Tabitha Kat x Fozie

Qeety x Dolly

Golden Toy Foxy x Mangle

Larry the Lizard x Amy the Axolotl

Amethyst the Kitten x The Voice in The Darkness

Emy x Phantom Bungale

Yellow x Lindsay

Stiletto x Cyanide and/or Ru and/or Xenon

Diamond Foxy X Puppet (in my opinion puppet = girl)

Non-Canon Ships

Spongebob x Lindsay Kingsland (only appeared in one thread)

Balloon Boy x JJ

90's "Fazbear" x Fredbear

Xavier X Lindsay (Something DB has been wanting to be canon for a long time now I bet.)

Cracked Pairings

"A ship that is so ridiculous and makes no sense, but people still support it for some reason."

Sangeruis x Anyone

Springtrap x Benny Rabbit (wth they are the same thing)

Phobe x Lindsay Kingsland

Mr. Handy x Lindsay (You all knew it would appear on this page SOMEtime.)

Spongebob x Mrs. Handy (They're called joke ships, okay?)

FeMIB x MIB (Im guessing you didn't expect this one.)

Charlotte The Cat x Spam (I'm pretty sure this would might be a joke ship)

The Voice in The Darkness x Clarrisa (I keep thinking this should be real)

Lindsay x King Freddy (From the demented mind of yours truly...)

Withered Jack 2.0 (Golden Toy Foxy 2.0) x Mangle (WJ's Revenge)

Phantom G.T. Foxy x Lindsay Kingsland

Holly the Fox x Neko (THIS IS A JOKE!)

Stiletto x Every male character (It's almost true, sadly enough...)

Fredbear x The Paper Plate on the Far Right side in Party Room 4