Despite his name, he is not a springlock animatronic, however, something interesting about him is that he can create tiny machines called "The Locklets", he makes these machines out of parts of himself, to make sure he doesen't waste too much of his own body, he usually leaves them unfinished or withered.

This interesting ability makes him a force to be reckoned with, although he has strength himself.


Its the year 1981, Fazbear Co. (this was not their name back then, their old name is unknown) was thinking of ideas for their new entertainment branch, and thought of an idea: Animatronic mascots.

However, the first thing they tried was a human animatronic, they were gonna put a top-hat on it, and make it the mascot, however, something went horribly wrong, as the animatronic started ripping through employee's with its arms, saying this one unfinished line over and over:

"I'm gonna have lots of fun."

This caused the company to shut down this project, unil in 1982, they rebooted the project, created fredbear and the others, and in 1983, released a pizza entertainment branch and a TV show for it.

However, in 2017, about the time fazbears fright was coming around. a truck was delivering the springtrap animatronic to the attraction, however rustling was heard in the back, they believed it was the suit, but when they checked, the springtrap suit was right where it stood, however a few boxes BEHIND the suit were pushed a little bit.

They shrugged it off, and delivered springtrap safely to the attraction, however, the rustling in the truck can still be heard sometimes up to this day.

The truck is currently stationed in an unknown location, however springtrap still wonders about the rustling in the back, and currently, Lock is behind a few boxes in the truck, and will most likely not be found for a while.


Lock's appearance is a thin, dark-green withered robot with only one goal: to kill.

He looks pretty damaged, as there is a hole on the right side of his chest, a few rips and tatters on his legs, however his arms look fine except for the fact his left hand is gone, wires are coming out of the rips that are all over him.

He, strangely, has one golden tooth for some reason, asides from that, he also has sort of linear rips reaching to the top of his head coming from his eyes, but something weird is that he only as 2 toes, for a human animatronic, this is very unusual.

Game Appearances

None yet, however FEEL FREE to use this character in any one of your games, just ask permission..

I might sometimes ask if this character can be included in a game, that is if you want characters, so feel free to decline or accept any requests I make on your game, or just ignore it.



Drawing of Lock.

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