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Lonkesoe is an animatronic.

Appearance Edit

FNaF Edit

He looks like a human who haves a white shirt and black pants. He haves a black hat and a balck bowtie along with 5 buttons on his chest.

FNaF2 Edit

His appearance doesn't changed so much to the first game, the differences is that he haves rips and tears on all the body, bowtie, buttons and hat.

FNaF3 Edit

His head desgin is improved with rosy cheecks and some his endoskeleton shoulders and the start of his arms and the end of the legs have no suit cover.

Behavior Edit

FNaF Edit

He appears as a hallucination in the pirate cove.

FNaF2 Edit

He starts his path to a random camera and he is inmune to the mask, to get rid of him the player needs to wind up the music box.

FNaF3 Edit

He gained the skill to run in the game.

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