Lucile (I know the eyes are wrong. This is the best I can do.)

Lucile Smith is the biological daughter of Jerry Smith and Lindsay Kingsland, being created and debuting in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina. She appears wearing dark blue clothes, brown hair, and blue eyes. A holster holds a pistol, and a scabbard slung over her shoulder holds her sword.


During the events of DEM, System X malfunctioned by a Manifest-created virus, in an attempt to destroy him. The only thing that could save him, System C, was obtained by Lindsay and Yellow, and X was recovered. To thank the two, X warned the Cutting Crew about Katherine Steel and gave Lindsay and Yellow a daughter, since Lindsay was half-animatronic. The souls of Lindsay and Yellow accelerated Lucile's growth, and she aged from 6 to 15 in a matter of months. When her mother was thrown into a Manifest-turing chamber and infected, Lucy went into depression, eventually getting the courage to serve as a general in the CC Militia, under training of Spanish Marcher and Seven. When her mother died, she stepped down, to take out SFP herself.


-A protagonist in Deuce Ex Machina.


Lucy seems shy around new animatronics, and is afraid of not being able to live up to her mother's name. But, she is very brave and optimistic, and when her mother was turned into a Manifestian, Lucy went mad with determination to kill all Manifest soldiers.

Special Relations

Cuco- Cuco loves being around Lucile, as the two are sisters, even if not by blood. Lucy likes her enough.

Deadbear and SearchForPurple-As they were the two who harmed Lindsay, she is very fierce about her hatred of the two. She hates SFP more, for killing Lindsay herself

Tinsay-Being sisters with her, the two always have each other's backs. Tinsay is being trained by Lucile, even.

Mangled Emy and Emy the Guardian Cat- She trusts the two very much, as they comforted her when she lost her mother. They like her back, also, especially ME for taking care of Snowflake.

Snowflake Munroe-Snowflake likes her, and Lucy made Caretaker to watch over her, and to keep her safe.


-In CC:DEM, it was discovered Lucile had a connection to Shadow Bonnie, who gave her a powerful sword, the Life Decider, and became a summon exclusively to her.

-The Life Decider gave Lucy the ability to switch between 4 forms: Manifest, Shadow, Phantom, and Final. Each has their own abilities and powers, but Final is the strongest.


-Lucile went through many redesigns, changes, and phases during development. For example, Lindsay was originally going to have a kid with

-When her mother died, she dyed some of her hair red in honor. This look is permanent throughout the game.

-A sword, custom made for her by Mad Jack and The Chef, has "JS, LK" engraved in it. The sword has a similiar appearance to the Oblivion from Kingdom Hearts.

-Lucile is an amateur Python coder, shown by Caretaker's programming.


Uhhh..Hi..Mom...Dad..Okay, this is kinda awkward, let me start over, Hi! I'm Lucile!-First meeting her parents.

I don't bite. Unless provoked.

Anyone wonder why we are letting the ENEMY in!?-On first meeting Katherine after her alliance.

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