Luigi the Lizard is a controversial "Italian" animatronic in some Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria locations. He was added alongside a couple stereotypical Italian foods. (Lasagna, and spaghetti.)


As Luigi's name means "renowned fighter" in Italian, Luigi's personality was intended to be brave and rough. However, a glitch occurred, causing a very different personality. Luigi can be selfish at times, and has a habit of developing a negative opinion of his fellow animatronics, and employees. He is emotionally unstable, and self aware.


Luigi is a pale green lizard, with spines along his back and his tail. The whites of his eyes have a hint of green, with his irises being red. His tail has 7 coints, 3 which he drags on the ground. His teeth look sharp, but are blunt at the end. He has actually sharp claws, however.


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Most people are either indifferent with, or dislike Luigi. This is because of his disrespectful attitude on occasion.

Julian the Bat

Julian is fearful of Luigi's personality glitch and thinks it could actually be a virus. As such, Julian avoids Luigi as much as possible.


Luigi has developed a pre determined negative bias against Bonnette. That hasn't stopped her from trying to have a good time with him, despite it failing the majority of the time.

Rose Evargarde

Rose is the only staff member which Luigi doesn't dislike. The two are friends, but no very close. It is unknown why he doesn't hate Rose.


Due to her caring nature, Luigi never villainized Blossom in his head. They aren't notably close, but neither dislikes the other.


  • Luigi's name isn't based off of, or inspired by the Nintendo mascot.
  • Similar to how reptiles are cold blooded, Luigi's servos will lock up if in a cold environment for too long.