Scoot was in the middle of making Bonnie for Fnaf 1 but all of a sudden he stopped

Scoot: ... 2spookey4me

20110829mlg l

With Bonnie

Night 1

12:00 Swag m

Bonnie just opened his eyes and then looked a Chica and tapped her shoulder

Bonnie: Hey Chica. Guess What

Chica: What?

Bonnie: You have five minutes to get rid of it

Chica: D:

Freddy: T-T

Foxy then opened his curtness to his Pirate Cove and then he steeped out but then he heard a noise

Foxy: What Da?

Bonnie was driving a MLG Bamper Car with sunglasses on and then he ran ovar foxy

Bonnie: Lel u gat rekt m8

Rest in Piece are Little Prince: 19 something - 2015

Mike Saw Bonnie right at his door and he tried to shut it but it did not work

Mike: '-'

Bonnie: I"M GANA GAT U

Mike then reviled his true self

Bonnie: :O! DADDY

Scoot: Tod!

Bonnie: Wait my names Tod.


To Be Continued! Lol just kidding. I'm To Lazy. OR AM I!?

Lets Just Continue

4 Hours later 4:00am

Freddy was walking past the Backroom when all of a sudden he heard a something move in there. Freddy then opened the door.

Freddy: Bonnie do you really need to hold on the the camera to show Your


Bonnie then threw a rock at Freddy and he fell to the floor.

Bonnie: ..........

Bonnie: SO SMART!

Plays Song Don't come back to read until the song is done and imagine Bonnie is dancing in your head or do it yourself and pretend your Bonnie.

Bonnie: Sweg


Director: MarioVsSonicFan

Inspired By: Youtube

Special Thanks To: Scoot (The Creator Of FNAF), Youtube, Wika, IMac and You!

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