Maime is an animatronic suit by Aldrasos. Its creator is unknown, but from its twisted shape and defiled appearance it can presumed it was never used for entertainment. It is neither a he nor a she, it is simply an 'it'.

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Maime is a distorted version of Bonnie, except larger and heavily disfigured. Its is unknown how its appearance came about, or for what reason (or whether it was on purpose). Its ears are larger and broken, so that they fall forwards rather than stand upright. There is a large scar on the left side of its face and eye, which is pitch black and seemingly made of glass. Its right arm is unnaturally large and bulky, while its left is thin and small. In its large hand it holds a massive cleaver-like blade which it holds upwards, ready to strike with. There is a large hole in its torso, the sides of which are ringed with torn cables and sharp metal but the inside is pitch black.


Maime is difficult to describe, because it varies from night to night. It can be assumed that Maime is being controlled remotely by Marion, and so does not have a consciousness of its own. However, its sole purpose is to hunt, find and kill the player, which is Jace Redd.


Maime has a variety of jumpscares, depending on how he catches the player. Usually when he finds the player, he bounds towards the player out of the darkness, swinging his blade. If the player enters a room where Maime is, the animatronic will run into the player, knocking them to the ground, before standing above them looking down as the screen fades to black. There is a special jumpscare which occurs when Maime discovers the player hiding inside a closet, where he will grab the player and pull them out. Then, when the player is forced to their knees, they stare into the cavity in Maime's chest, where two black and white striped arms reach forward and grab the player, before the screen fades to black.


  • Maime will feature in a new game as the main antagonist
  • Maime is actually based off a series of strange dreams I had, in which he appeared in the second. Since its difficult remembering the details, I had to improvise in some parts. However, I am certain it was a distorted version of Bonnie, with different sized arms and a large blade of some sort, which we was about to kill me with before I moved onto the next dream