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Uhh hello? Hello?! well you can most likely hear this but anyway there is a new animatronic named majikku or something but anyway 'their' name means magic. yeah nobody knows what gender 'it' is but some people think that there is 'more than' one in that suet... yeah creepy i know, but anyway my point is they want real magic and yeah think about what that could do to the pizzeria?! they could destroy it! so just keep away from it, and whatever you do DO NOT! flash the torch at it or else it will become 'angry' or something and it will begin to move faster. ~phone guy night 3


he/she wears a robe with a big dark hood. He/she has two different eyes nobody knows why but one is purple and the other is blue, one has a soft feeling when it stares at you the other sends shivers down you spine. he/she has a long red tail, and unlike all my other animatronics the tip is darker. He/she wear skinny pants underneath the robe because the robe splits apart near the bottom. He/she wears dark grey shoes .


He/she likes to amaze the children by using his/her "magic tricks" but really he/she is just like a magician and can't do real magic. However this is his/her goal in life, he/she wants to be able to do real magic, however as the phone guy says it would destroy the pizzeria.

Back Story

'they' came from a business that had magicians for birthday partys and what not but one day most of the magicians' went on strike because they weren't being paid fairly so the company fired them all and were looking for new ideas and one person thought if they had robots they didn't have to pay anybody! so they made three or four of them and eventually Majikku whilst doing a magic trick showing them they could use 'fire magic' burnt his/her robes and the building caught on fire and a few children and adults died and some were severely wounded and sothe company went out of business and threw out all of the animatronics but Freddy's being so poor fished the only one that could be repaired out of a dumpster it was Majikku.
WIN 20160410 131705


they hate almost everybody and everything because they didn't mean to burn down the building and kill people so they thought they couldn't trust anyone because they thought they were betrayed so they have very few friends


  • Emy: Would still be nice to him/her and offer pizza.
  • Mangled Emy (aka ME aka Jenny): Curious of what's under the

hood. Maybe a little creeped out by the "eye that sends shivers down your spine." Would stay around to see magic.

  • Toy Emy (aka TE): Would probably stay away from him/her but would sometimes talk to him/her when needed.
  • Parry and Rally (coming soon...): They would both stay quiet around him/her, thanks to the eyes.


majikku means magic in Japanese

majikku is my first animatronic with both genders (credit to foxstar i got the idea from looking at her animatronic)

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