This is a Creepypasta. It is not real and is completely Fan-Fiction. Enjoy!


Story (Finally!)

"Foxy! Foxy! Foxy!" children screamed. "Hey Fox-x-x-x-xy Fans! Ready for her daring pirate journey?" Freddy Fazbear asked. "YEAH!" Kids screamed. Foxy swooped down. "Hello mateys! Would ye like to go on a journey to a pirate island with me?" She asked the kids. "YEAH FOXY!" the kids screamed again. Brianna pushed through the crowd. "Move your arms! I want to see Foxy!" she yelled. Brianna was a spoiled brat that got everything she wanted. Today, her luck would change. "Really! A pirate fox! She is so stupid! I hate her! Get rid of her now!" she babbled. Foxy turned towards the child. "Bria-a-a-a-a-anna! Would you like to be my volunteer?" Foxy asked. "It's better than watching you do boring things!" she screamed at the robot. As she came onto the stage, Foxy smiled. "Now on the count of three." Foxy told the children."1! 2! 3!" everyone yelled. As soon as they counted to three, Foxy bit out Brianna's frontal lobe. Blood splattered all over childrens' faces. The frontal lobe hung in Foxy's mouth. "Would any-y-y-yone like to volunteer?" Foxy asked. A few manager's beat down Foxy as she tried to attack more children. She was broken down s much, wires were almost all you could see. Brianna lived, with very little she could do again. This is how Foxy became Mangle and how the Bite of 87' occurred. Moral, don't be a snobby brat.

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