This is a list of Marco the Contractor's recent contracts. Any of your OC's can ask for a contract. Just list name and task and wait.

Marco: Are you ready?


Contract 1 (Example)

Name: Bonnie

Task: Get back his face.

Plan (Leave blank for Marco): I will steal back his face from the thief. Sorry Toy Bonnie, just business.

Cost (Leave Blank): 50

Contract 2

Name: Harry the Hyena

Task: Bring an animatronic fox child named Holly the Fox to The Annihilation.

Plan: Easy. Take her while she sleeps. Of course, I will take an EMP in case she wakes up.

Cost: 250

Contract 3

Name: Grace

Task: Hunt a Freddy doll which has came to life and is on a rampage.

Plan: I will set up a crate with a pizza slice under it. It is a Freddy plush, come on.

Cost: 5

Contract 4

Name: Moriah

Task: The Marionette is targeting John Aqua for assassination. This cannot be allowed. Stop the puppet's scheme and any animatronics he has rallied to his cause.

Plan: Bribery with a CD full of instrumentalized nursery rhymes should work. If not, duct tape that box closed.

Cost: 30

Contract 5

Name: Ylviere

Task: Uhhh...Hi? I need a pen from the The Manifestation, that whatever you draw comes to life. I need it for something, don't ask, I'm paying you.

Plan: Do to the nature of the device if will probably be heavily guarded. How about I trick them that I am setting up a trap, and take the pen?

Cost: 200

Contract 6

Name: Emy

Task: Hey there. BB is stalking me and I'm not sure what he wants. Talking to him is not gonna work for me so...yeah.

Plan: I'll give you two options 1. Talk to him out of it or 2. Kill him, but make it look like it was an accident.

Cost: 150 but keep it a secret between you and me alright?

Contract 7


Task: We must meet immediately. Head to the Demonic BB Page and send him a message with the key phrase being "Silence in the shadows, poison of the X." Come alone.

Plan: Dah fuh?

Cost: Undecided

Contract 8

Name: Gallery.jpeg

Task: Apprehend the reality benders. They copy us without payment. Dirty pirateers.



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