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Marco the Contractor is a neutral male animatronic of an unknown species, as he is always hidden in a small room locked from the inside, and when he isn't, he hides in the shadows. He carries out contracts given to him by others, this doesn't always involve harm. He charges different amounts for different types and severity of contracts. (For example Stealing costs less than say, a murder.)


Marco is quiet, calm, and patient. He is a good listener and will only question contracts if the request is vague or stupid. Every sentence he says never consists of more than 15. He is a good manipulator, and even if he plans to harm someone to get an object, for example, he will not mention hurting anyone unless directly asked.


Most people are somewhat scared and suspicious of Marco. People who are hurt by him commonly ask who contracted him to do so.


Not much of Marco's appearance is known. However, his endoskeleton eyes have revealed to be red, and his costume eyes have yellow irises. Do to the metallic sound of his footsteps, it can be assumed he either has exposed endoskeleton legs or is a toy model.


  • Marco is neutral, and will only do evil things if someone pays him to.
  • He takes payment in the form of obsolete forms of data storage. (Laserdisc, Floppy Disk)
  • He was inspired by the recurring character Slim Cognito in the early Ratchet and Clank games.

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