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Mark is a discolored, green Foxy suit without an eyepatch or hook. He also has a different mouth than Foxy. He was created by accident, and was stuffed into the back room. Soon after this, he came to life.


Mark is somewhat malevolent, however he doesn't often show this behavior. He doesn't really have any friends (other than Cold Foxy), and usually just comments on things. However, Mark can and will take part in certain events.



  • Mark has purple headphones.
    • It is unknown where he got them.
  • Mark's voice is that of Mal from Total Drama All-Stars.
    • However, his voice is somewhat deeper than Mal's.
  • Mark was invented while PvzFanatic was trying to go to sleep.
    • While attempting to fall asleep, he came up with the idea of a Green Foxy character with the voice of Mal - he did not have a name for the character at he time, but he found that Mark was fitting.
  • Mark uses words such as radical, however he often says these words in a somewhat sarcastic tone.
  • He pronounces "charade" as [SHUH-rahd] as opposed to [shuh-RADE].

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