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"Fredbear says: To the Halloween Update Backstage you go."
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"You want the enemy breathing down our necks!? We need to kill these things! Spare them no mercy, they are creatures of misery!" -To a Manifestation prison camp leader."

Marlene Novosad is a Cutting Crew soldier and an architect of the Dreamcutter, who is mentioned in Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina by Tinsay. She appears as a blue-eyed, blonde-haired CC-emblazoned soldier, with the black uniform and equipment to match.


Marlene was a former college student that excelled in engineering at Harvard; She was eventually contacted by a manager of Freddy's, asking her to make an animatronic for Freddy's. She never liked animatronics because she thought they were scary, so she kindly declined; What she didn't know was that the manager was actually a CC contact, asking for help in the CC's Dreamcutter. Needing the help, Yellow Guy broke into her dorm and drugged her, keeping her unconscious as they headed to the Cutting Kingdom.

From there, Rosette Kingsland used CIA methods to brainwash Marlene into believing that she was born and raised under the CC, and that the outside world is extremely hostile to the kingdom; Thus, she became a soldier that detested outsiders, like the Manifest from coming into the Kingdom.


She is very close-minded and rude to outsiders of the CC, but not because she hates them; She merely wants to protect the kingdom. Despite this, she has few friends, but a group of soldiers she works with accept her and her paranoid ways.

Special Relations

Inferno- She doesn't trust him, not suprisingly, for his crimes against the CC before joining the group, thinking he is a spy. Inferno doesn't think much of her, but he does find her annoying; This can also apply to Katherine and Flesh, as they were once enemies too.

Tinsay-When engineering the Dreamcutter, Tinsay and Marlene talked a lot about the Manifest war and all the lives during it; They are friends, but not close ones.


None so far, but she was mentioned in CC: DEM as one of the architects of the DC.


-Marlene takes inspiration from a soldier that helped fight a war against a kingdom in Fable 3, Page. Though heavily modified, she does fit the role, like her other soldiers fit other characters in the game.

-Several TV ads and posters in CC:DEM have wanted posters for Marlene, as probably her family and friends are looking for her.

-A Manifest soldier in a prison camp told her she was brainwashed before; She assumed he was lying to her, so she executed him on the spotter thinking the CC would do something like that to her.


"Eyes sharp. You never know where these...THINGS....are crawling..."

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