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Once the normal endoskeleton, Maroon was submitted by a fan in a contest to design your own animatronic. As the fan won, Maroon was added to the Fazbear Crew as the first animatronic comedian. However, he was scrapped due to racist jokes. He was kept in the safe room for all eternity. But he was then purchased and put in Fazbear's Fright. After the fire, though, the only thing that was found that had slight relation to him was an axe and a plate of metal with the words SHOW'S OVER carved on it.


Maroon is a blue-ish wolf animatronic with a bowler hat, a bow tie and a cane with a microphone on top. He also has a Russian accent.


Maroon is pretty much the Joker, but an animatronic.


SpringTrap: Mostly against, as SpringTrap is a bunny and Maroon is a wolf.

Fredbear: Great friends. An inseparable duo. Like Batman and Robin.

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