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The Mask Kingdom is a kingdom of animatronics formerly ruled by The Puppet Queen. They are neutral with the Robot Kingdom and the Animatronic Kingdom. They are now ruled by Qeety

Even though these kingdoms are disputed by property, land, and just arguements between the rulers, they have teamed up before to take on major treats. The most recent truce was made to combat the Cutting Crew.


It all started more or less with The Yiffer. The powerful godlike entity turned his looks on a small animatronic puppet community obsessed with the culture of masks, whose origins are shrouded in mystery. (Not that it matters or anything.) It started out simple. The Yiffer took control over a couple of candidates as a competition for who rules. Only two survived, The Puppet Queen, and Swan. The two established a kingdom under the extreme guidance of their master, The Overly Powerful Yiffer.

Through the early days of the developing kingdom, a few other people noticed of its existance. Not much dared to approach the different place, but one man did. His name was Karth. Karth heard through rumors and stories (from crazy tinfoil-hat rednecks) that there was a god afoot (or afly or something) in the new Mask Kingdom. Karth did all he could to gain the attention of this powerful entity, but to no avail. So, he decided to try something new. Being the first human to cross into the Mask Kingdom, he formed a cult dedicated to The Great Yiffer, dubbing the group "The Cult of Karth."

Karth never managed to make contact with The Yiffer, a failure that he took to the grave. Or so many think. The irony was that the newly-wed rulers of the Mask Kingdom, who he failed to establish strong bonds with, were under the service of The Yiffer. 

As time went on, it was added on to the mask-wearing culture that everyone took part in learning the art of ninjas. They trained to find inner-peace with themselves, and also to defend their homeland. The Mask Kingdom started to gain more and more power.

Karth's cult was not created in vain; The Yiffer noticed, and decided to make this group of worshippers his own minions. Taking his servant Phobe, The Yiffer enlisted the phoenix as the new High Priest of the cult. In time, the Cult of Karth gained more and more members, while hiding from the general public. Even the king Swan decided to look into this group's teachings.

Due to later complications in The Yiffer's plan, his servant, Swan, was removed from the throne and was brought into full-time service in the Cult of Karth, leaving The Puppet Queen to rule alone. They had a son, Qeety, though he was born 9-months early and was thrown out of the window. tbw

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