Masoda is Spam's personally made butler, given to Spam as a birthday present by Sodapop The Bartender and Lindsay. He appears as a small vending machine with a mask on it, and a rack for masks sits on top of him.


Masoda is a vending machine, and what he keeps in him is masks that Spam has and keeps at the ready when ever Spam needs to "barter"(bribe) his way out of trouble. Masoda also works as what he was meant to be, a butler, meaning also as a vending machine, he can clean the masks inside him, and can defend Spam from trouble.


He was made as a birthday present for Spam. He followed him everywhere, when he was working as a messager for the Animatronic Kingdom as Spam's storage and helper/partner , and when Spam had his part time job as jester for Phobe, Masoda helped him with props and such, and also helped him with a side act. When Phobe found out Spam was from the Mask Kingdom, Spam was fired and Masoda followed him. Spam rejoined the Mask Kingdom and Masoda also rejoined as Spam's personal butler.


He is very loyal to Spam, and will even kill his own two creators on command. He will do anything for Spam, and will always follow what ever Spam orders him to do. He thinks Spam as the perfect puppet and practically worships Spam.

Special Relations

Lindsay- He respects her, but will kill her on command.


-His name is a combinations of "Mask" and "Soda".

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