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Max is a evil lion. He used to be loved by the animatronics, customers, and staff of the pizzeria, but when Holly came, she was respected more by everyone who used to respect Max. He hates Holly very much and wants to disable her. All the other animatronics know about this and stay clear away from him. The kid who was stuffed in this suit was always respected by his family, so he expects to get lots of attention.

Max the Lion
Some attributes
First Lion/animatronic
Second Male suit
Third Spoiled
Other attributes
Fourth Wanting to get the spotlight
Fifth Loner


Max is a lion who's main color is tan. He has a mane which is brown. He has a tail that has some brown fur at the end. He has a t-shirt which is white.

Social LifeEdit

Max is usually ignored because when Holly was performing, he tried to push her off the stage. This did not work. When everyone else saw it, he was ignored. This is why he hates Holly.


  • The kid who was stuffed into the suit was named Max. This was most likely a coincidence.
  • He is one of the few animatronics who hates Holly. (out of the creator's animatronics)
  • He was evil even before he got stuffed into the suit. This is because he was ALWAYS picking on his siblings.
  • He hates mostly everyone.
  • He represents envy.

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