Maxie Mouse is an animatronic in Six Weeks at Maxie's.He is the title character and leader of the Mousie Pasta Band.


Maxie is a brown rat with orange eyes.On the stage at day,he wears a red t-shirt with a blue "M" on it,and a red baseball cap.At night,his cap disappears and his eyes turn into either endo eyes or black-out eyes with blood leaking from them.He is as tall as Freddy and has a slight resemblance to him,what with the same microphone and their ears being small.


According to what Phone Guy says,Maxie was built on 27 July 1977,the year that the pastaria was opened in.On his day of construction,Maxie was powered with an artificial heart(or generator).However,a few days on,a man apparently called Yellow Guy(or Peterson),used a fake suit to lure kids into the back room,where he killed them.One was stuffed into a Maxie suit,with the endo parts(blades,springs and needles)slicing through him.The employees noticed that blood was leaking out of Maxie's eyes and mouth.The pastaria was closed until then,with a guard from 12 to 6 AM,looking after the whole thing for six weeks.And that's Maxie's origin!


Maxie was supposed to be a clone of Freddy named Eddy.

Never was he even supposed to have his pastaria,but was going to be a side guitarist in Freddy's band.


Maxie stays on the stage until 3 AM,then he moves to the Dining Hall,then into the East Hall corner,and finally into your office.



Fine!Jeezuz Krist!I'll get you that annoying cupcake!Shat!

Aww!C'mon!I'm nice


For Jeezuz'es sake!I'm a band leader,not a babysitter!

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