May has "agreed" to do psychic readings for you or your OCs!

May: I hate everything... Let's just do this.


Amy: Ooh ooh! What am I thinking?

May: You are thinking about Bonnette.

Amy: Oh my goodness! How did you-

May: Now you are thinking about me and how I should be less moody.

Amy: Wow.

Reading 1

Phantom Spring: Who is the person I like the most out of everyone I know?

May: Phantom Spring.

Phantom Spring: You are 100% correct... how does that even work?

May: I hear everyone's thoughts. Can you please go now? I like to be alone.

Reading 2

Joe: Yo! Hello! And stuff! Anyway, I gotta find some things out, but first I gotta test your abilities. What am I currently thinking of?

May: You are doubting my ability. You are also thinking of ways to use my ability.

Reading 3

Lindsay: Hate to bother ya, but you think you can read my mind?

May: You are so insane. I can only pick up little fragments of thoughts. Please do not kill me.

Lindsay: What can you salvage? I swear, Mom had me tested....Close to insane, they said..

May: All I see is... You thinking I am the insane one. And... You love spongebob?!

Lindsay: WE WENT OUT ONCE! Heck, I dated the President for a little bit! Its my thing! Except with Yellow. :3

May: Just do not kill me.

Lindsay: You're okay...Id hug, but I guess you're not that type.

Reading 4

Swan: Hmph. What is in my pocket?

May: Trick question. Nothing. You simply think I am a phoney.

Swan: It was! I have multiple pockets!

Reading 5

Gallery.jpeg: Qui-suis-je-Je-n'ai-littéralement-aucun-indice-Et-dois-je-faire-confiance-au-cheval-Tuez-les-sauvez-les-愛情是什麼 and why does it exsistHope that is not too many questions, I am a complex being

Reading 6

Reading 7

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