May the Mockingbird is a psychic mockingbird who acts only on birthdays.


May is unsocial and somewhat reclusive. When not onstage, she wears sunglasses and avoids everyone else. Onstage, she teaches about making friends. She can read minds, as well as read emotions. She can also manipulate thoughts and emotions, along with IQ, to an extent.


May is a blue mockingbird similarly designed to chica. She is normally seen wearing sunglasses, but her eyes are a teal color. She is shorter than everyone else, other than BB, of course.


To most people, she rarely speaks. However, she knows everyone very well, do to her inability to we switch off her mind-reading.

Amy the Cat

Do to Amy's past reclusiveness the two are friends. May appreciates Amy do to most of her thoughts being kind.

Rose Evargarde

Rose, being her manipulative self, is confused as to how none of her tricks working on May. May doesn't despise, but dislikes Rose. She tries to be her friend, but cannot bring herself to be serious about it.


May became psychic when she was possessed by the should of a girl named Emily. Beforehand, she was less shy, but not extremely outgoing. Once possessed, her entire personality shifted. She used to be used as an anti-bullying teacher, but after breaking down crying one preformance, she was shifted to her current act.


  • She is heavily inspired by Ever, the main character in the book Evermore.