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Medice is a multi-coloured animatronic who is VERY similar to Mangle, with missing parts and dust all over his body.



Medice is a HUGE mess up of colours. A red head, a blue and green body, a detatched yellow hand, a purple and pink tail, and an orange and dark grey tail. Atop his head, he has a dark blue hat with a big, pink stripe.


Medice is a large mix-up. It's seriously complicated. As he has THREE HEADS (the tail heads and the main one), it is difficult to figure out what he's like. But trust it, he's been scrapped over 15 times, and ripped every single time. Part by part.


Medice starts in Parts and Service, and when he leaves, goes STRAIGHT into the left vent (similar to Balloon Boy). From there, he will approach the blind spot, where he will play a very disturbing sound. Flash the vent blind spot to get rid of him.


Medice is not usually considered a threat, similar to Golden Freddy, but he can come at any time he wants. Just like Mangle, if you do not notice him there, he will surprise you for certain. This enforces checking the vent lights even more just to keep him away, similar to Foxy needing the flashlight to be repelled.

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