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"Umm...well tonight you gotta watch out for that fox thing, I think it's a fox. Never did like that fox, it's always thinking...or at least I think it is. Maybe it's actually smart, who knows?" -Phone Guy, night 2


Megumi Has dark orange fur with the tip of her tail, inside her ears, and around her mouth being exceptions. (light orange) She has dark green eyeliner and amber eyes. She only has one tooth on the far right of her mouth and it can only be seen when she opens her mouth to sing, smile or laugh. She wears a light purple dress with light purple boots. Megumi has a long tail that children are always stepping on.
WIN 20150529 190013

megumi in a kimono


Megumi loves to sing, and dance around the pizzeria. (she mainly twirls around)

She loves it when other animatronics fall in love with her because as she always says its always easier to manipulate them. She ignores the other animatronics during the day, but during the night she's busy trying to ether make them fall in love with her or manipulate them the hard way. "The hard way is the fun way."
Megumi = Blessing

Megumi Dancing on stage


She was built for an "adventure camp." Megumi was used to play games when the children were bored and had nothing to do, but was sent to Freddy Fazbears pizzeria, because during a game of sherades, she was pretending to be the big bad wolf and stomped bit down on a child's head. The child dies. The the "adventure camp" was soon shut down because nobody wanted to send their children there.


Her starting point is backstage because the staff keep her there, until she goes on stage to dance and sing and after that, they put her back. Megumi can find your office very fast but sometimes she will just sit there at the door and won't attack (only for the first 2 nights). She will just stare at you with a blank expression, but on rare occasions her eyes will turn black and she would have a menacing smile across her face. When she does attack you, she goes for your head and smashes her paws together crushing
WIN 20160220 230552

her looking into the window

your skull. (lovely i know x3)


She herself has only fallen in love with one animatronic called Konton (by Cityws)

Julian the Bat

She has a crush on him. (read Julian's Journal to find out more :D)


He has fallen in love with her and she has manipulated him quite well in the past.


She doesn't like Bonnie much, She has always thought less of him because he was the easiest to manipulate.


They are close friends, and because of that Megumi doesn't manipulate him.


Close friends, but Megumi is determined to manipulate her.


  • "its always easier to manipulate them"
  • "the hard way is the fun way"


  • Megami is Japanese for Blessing
  • She thinks that at night its all one big game to see who can kill the night guard first
  • She doesn't really like any other animatronics
  • When she is looking at the window with her eyes blank and her jaw hanging open in a sort of smiling way means that she will stay at the door for 30 seconds before leaving to drain your power and the second you open the door your dead

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