Melissa Evargarde is Rose Evargarde's sister who is a world famous detective. She has only appeared in Five Nights on YouTube 3, in which she was the Nightguard.


Melissa is a tall, thin and pale woman. She is almost always seen wearing a green shirt, with shorts. When investigating a case, she wears a dark grey sweater and blue jeans, mostly to blend with crowds by not sticking out too much. Her arms are thin and her hands are relatively small. She wears glasses most of the time, despite not needing any.


Melissa is calm, rather unsocial and intelligent. She hates not having a mystery to solve, and pays attention to the closest details of anything. She does not have many friends, as she has the habit of over-analyzing people's behavior. Melissa hates anything or anyone who is cat-related.


Melissa and Rose were separated early in life. Rose was 2, so she has no memory of her sister. Melissa was 5, so her memories are foggy at best. She made it her goal to track down and be reunited with her long lost sister. She, however has never noticed Rose working at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. When Melissa learned that Rose had disappeared (in reality she moved into the pizzeria) she became the lead of the investigation.



Most people dislike her, do to her habit of over analyzing things, and Melissa isn't exactly outgoing either.

Feline Animatronics

All feline animatronics are, in Melissa's eyes, her enemy. Even when some try to make friends with her, it mostly ends in arguments.

Rose Evargarde

Melissa is endlessly trying to find her long lost sister. Rose has no idea she even exists however.

Julian the Bat

Julian was Melissa's favorite character as a child. Julian admires Melissa, as both are highly intelligent. The two have never actually met, however.


  • Her original name was Mary, and Daisy was also considered.