Meredith has a counterpart; Shadow Meredith. Maybe you were looking for her?

"CC's number one fly girl, at your service when it's MY convenience."

Meredith is a purple moth animatronic, that is one of the original members of and Aviation Controller of the Cutting Crew. She wears a flowing black dress, with red eyes and matching wings. Two antennae stem from the top from her head and she also wears black high heels.


A local health inspector, Dr. Lacey Carlisile, was inspecting restaurants as part of a study conducted for the safety of the public. Crazy Chef's, Chef's former housing, and Freddy's were on the list, failed for their unhealthy food and odor from dead night guards. This was much to the dismay of Mitchell Cutter, an engineer and animatronic coder for both restaurants. So when Mitch was hired to make the Cutting Crew, he got an idea.

He lured her, along with Tony Cadenza, KJ Lyman, and Samuel Allen, and stuffed them all into suits; Tony into Fozie, KJ into Mad Jack, Samuel into Sodapop, and Lacey herself into Meredith. Being a doctor as a human, Meredith had a hard time accepting the fact she was an animatronic; but eventually, she became great friends with the rest of the Crew and became the lively self she is presently.

She, along with the 4 others, were deactivated when Chef was taken away from Crazy Chef's when Freddy's bought the rights to him. Mitch managed to reactivate them before fleeing society, though, and Jack managed to lead them all to Freddy's, were they found Chef and their good friend Lindsay waiting for them. Ever since, Meredith was faithfully, but tastefully served the Crew and became Avaition Controller of the CC Air Force.


Meredith almost always has been her sassy, lively self to everyone and everything she has ever met; under the sour coat, though, she is a very sweet animatronic and loves helping the friends and family she loves out.

Special Relations

Shadow Meredith-The two were practically sisters before she left her on accident, even to the point where SM forgave her for leaving her in the closet at Crazy Chef's. As close to sisters as they can get.

The Chef-The two had a rocky relationship where the both of them cheated on each other, and they try to not let that ruin their relationship, but the two are distant. Meredith was still friends with him though, evidenced by her sadness at his death.

Chica-She and her often get into big fights seemingly out of nowhere; the two are very close rivals. Should Chica ever be in trouble though, she will save Chica due to her hidden sweet nature, though they will still hate each other afterwards.

Puppet-Meredith has a strange amount of respect for him. This is because of the Puppet's revolving around music, which she loves. They often talk a lot about music, but have little relations outside it.


-An antagonist in Five Nights At The Inventory, in a withered state. She is also the protagonist in the the story.

-Playable in Five Nights At Freddy's: Reactivation and Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina.

-She is in the Zombie mode of Call Of Bonnie:Animatronic Ops and Cutting Crew: A Hard Act To Follow.


Meredith becomes active on Night 3, as a support animatronic for the others. She often flies an animatronic to your doorway, before flying to the other doorway; this can be seen on camera and stopped, but one must have quick reflexes. Meredith herself doesn't move often, but she can kill you; her Jumpscare is flying at you, with endoskeleton eyes.


-As entertainment, she tells break-up stories with other animatronics for show. She has only ever dated Chef, though, and the stories are purely made up. Ironically, despite this, users still refer to Lindsay as the "fanservice" character.

-She speaks many languages, and has a secondary translator job.

-As with most Cutting Crew animatronics, Meredith takes her design from inspiration. Her design is loosely based off of Dustox from the Pokemon games.

-A running joke through games, stories, and roleplays is her choice of weaponry; a frying pan.


Yeah, this is a frying pan. And I wouldn't laugh unless you want to be in a world of hurt, Mr.-On her weaponry.

Alright, boys, destroy all the enemies out there and I'll see to it Lindsay kisses every single one of you! You too, ladies, she likes experimenting!

Remind me again why I'm here and why I should care?....

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