Sale #1

Sold a case of soda to my assistant, Toy Soda, for $50. Investment fund for her own soda company. Probably not going to work out; ask for $10,000 for her old job back.

Sale #2

Sold a katana, ammo for an EMP Charger, tons of explosives, and a book called "How to get Revenge" to Lindsay Kingsland for $40 dollars. Said she was tired of a certain animatronic. Presumed to be one of the Handy animatronics.

Sale #3

Sold a couple books to Holly. Strange child, she is. Turns out Lindsay wanted revenge on Nigel.

Sale #4

Nigel came to me and bought a new house and butler for $500,000,000. Poor sap, he could've saved a couple thousand if Meredith hadn't ran off with him. Cause of old house's destruction unknown.

Sale #5

Takaya bought another book from me for nothing. He said if I wanted money, I should beg for it. Jerk.

Sale #6

Melissa bought some new organs for $450. I need a new organ donor; my old one ran out.

Sale #7

SpongeBob asked for some Krabby Patty meat. Need to get that in stock.


Takaya came again, but I warded him off with a shotgun.

Sale #8

Spam came and bought my mask for $400,000 dollars. Need a new mask. Sales are not coming because of my endoskeleton head.

Sale #9

I was paid to murder SpongeBob by Squidward for $45 dollars. Pocketed the money; SpongeBob is still alive thanks to a $100 dollar payment by Lindsay.

Sale #10

Chef bought a new set of knives for $120 dollars. Apparently, it got stuck in a night guard.

Sale #11

Toy Ricky bought some tea for $10 dollars. Advised me to go do something I wont mention myself.

Sale #12

Mark bought some new headphones for $100 dollars. When he is going to realize they don't work, I don't know.

Sale #14

The Puppet bought a new Ipod for $299. My Grandfather's Clock came as a free song.

Sale #15

Sapella bought a shotgun for $350. I think she said something about "Being a terminator".

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