Sale 1

Sold a new frying pan to Meredith for $65 dollars. Tried my very best not to burst out laughing. It failed, now I have a dent in my head.

Sale 2

I sold a new suit to Springtrap for about $20 dollars. The jerk paid me in euros. EUROS!

Sale 3

I New Marionette for $1000. I forgot what the object was; too distracted by money. New Marionette says I represent greed. I say he's a hippie that just hates business. Now time to take a money bath.

Sale 4

Sold some shrooms to Mario for about $20. I think I might have given him the drug ones instead of the regular ones. Eh, they do the same thing, no big deal.

Sale 5

Traded a grilled cheese for Mario's overalls. Definitely gave him the hallucinating shrooms.

Sale 6

Lindsay bought a tub of cookie dough from me for about $35. Said she was watching some anime stuff with her mother. Konichiwa, Ripoffs!

Sale 7

Icy bought a fight between me and Lindsay for about $200. As it turns out, she learns from those shows. Picking all the ninja stars out of my back.

Sale 8

Amy bought some rope for $20. I don't know why-OH MY GOD, SHE'S HANGING HERSELF! Hang on, now! Why would she do that?! Our economy is better!

Sale 9

Golden Freddy gave me a gold endoskeleton for a glass soda. My new sales assistant! His name...will be Lance.

Sale 10

I sold a cool mask Link gave me for $1000 dollars to Spam. Some guy told me I shouldn't have done it. He's dead now.

Sale 11

Gamer Guy bought some new headphones from me for $300 dollars. When are people gonna realize I sell useless headphones that come out the garbage at Radio Shack? Hopefully, never.

Sale 12

Blacky bought some golden bullets from me. Let's just say, I found his weakness....Now time to bring him to his knees! Ah, movie jokes.....My second hobby!

Sale 13

Yellow Guy bought some parts from me for $35. Said he needed redemption, but why didn't he just buy more? That'd be redemption to me.

Sale 14

Spanish Marcher threw a penny at me. We are getting married next evening, no matter what he says! Anyone who gives me money I love!

Sale 15

Traded a an old sales log for Mario's molded grilled cheese. He read it and laughed. LAUGHED. Toy Ricky telling me to you-know-what myself isn't funny!

(Neeeeeeed OCs...)

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