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Merle Chanter is a fanmade animatronic that appears in games as a vendor that sells items. She is an orange fox animatronic that wears a black T-shirt with dollar signs on it, blue jeans, and black shoes.


Not much is known other than the fact she went into business after she got stuffed in a suit working as a night guard. She now sells items at the Pizzeria.


Merle is unique in the fact due to her mechanics; you get 4 gold quarters to ward Merle off. This is the only way to move Merle off, and must use them sparingly through the nights. A recommended strategy is just giving Merle a quater if she comes to your door; Watching the cameras slows Merle down, so you can just watch the others and not have to worry.

So far, Merle has been a helpful character in Five Nights At Freddy's: Reactivation; as both the ingame shopkeeper and a powerful playable character.


She is very greedy, of course, but she likes and respects her customers and they like her.

Special Relations:

Cutting Crew- They are her best customers, so she has a love for them. She seems to have an admiration for Fozie.

Golden Freddy- He won't buy anything from her, so she just ignores him. He can buy attention at anytime for 50 cents, though.

The Toy animatronics- She has once offered $200 dollars to fix them after they were scrapped, but then Lindsay did it for free. Thus, they have an estranged relationship.

Sapella- Merle wanted friends outside her clients, so her and Sapella have been getting along. There is still the occasional slip of the tongue sales pitch, though.


-Her name is a pun on the term "merchant".

-She recites quotes from other famous cheapskates, such as Mr. Krabs from Spongebob and Jordan Belfort from The Wolf of Wall Street.

-When she was stuffed, she was filthy rich, so that might explain her revolving around money.

-Her signature catchphrase is "Merchandise?"

-Her Jumpscare is biting the front of your head revealing both her endoskeleton eyes.

-Merle carries around a rifle that shoots solid gold coins at enemies. While this may seem to contradict her love for money, as she is wasting it, she has an explantation: How else am I supposed to brag about my riches?



"Buy a life, Mr. Night Guard......only a quarter..."

"You see this? One of a kind! You'll never see it again!"

"My father always said to deal with my problems by throwing money at it. Thus, I made my rifle."

"Illegal in 51 states, these are! You didn't buy them from me....."

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