Metal Freddy

Metal Freddy during his jumpscare.

Metal Freddy is an animatronic bear made of "25 different metals". He was made by Lindsay during the events of Five Nights At The Inventory. He appears to be a Freddy Fazbear suit made of steel, iron, silver, and other metals.


Metal Freddy was made in Five Nights At The Inventory, out of endoskeleton, wires, an empty Freddy Fazbear suit, and metal. Once the animatronics were taken out of the Inventory, he stared to perform as a DJ and work as maintenance Freddy Fazbear's Pizza.


He is very defensive of his own creator/mother, Lindsay, but other than that, he gets along with others normally.

Special Relations

Firefly: He teases him a lot, and always gets burned at the end.

Photo Negative Jack: He hates him, but admires him for his skill of killing guards.

Mr. Handy: Same as Photo Jack, but he hates him more for hating his mother, Lindsay.


He becomes active on Night 3. He moves swiftly and silently, like Freddy, but can also occasionally cloud other animatronics in radioactive glow, making them hard to see. Once he gets to your doorway, he stays there for a while and then slips under your desk, ready to kill any second. His jumpscare is like Freddy's; diving for you face area. You can ward him off by closing the doors or wearing the Freddy Head.

Games He Is In

Left For Five Nights

Five Nights At The Inventory


-He was originally supposed to be a doll animatronic, but this was used for Dezaray instead.

-Metal Freddy is made of steel, iron, silver, gold, diamond, cobalt, americium, and 20 other metals.

-He hates smoke, because it makes him go crazy. This alludes to the americium in him; Americium is a prime material in smoke detectors.

-Magnets are very sensitive to Metal Freddy. This is something his enemies use against him a lot.


Pal, if you insult my mother one more time, Ima knock ya teeth in.


Makes you wonder why Lindsay made me with so many metals. I guess more metal, less trouble..."

Hi, I'm Metal Freddy, and should've closed those doors! (To a stuffed night guard)

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