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Metal Spectre or Specter is an animatronic suit that can be worn by a human as long as they follow the few basic rules:

  • Be careful to not get it wet or go outside with it (for the atmosphere after it rains can be fatal to it).
  • Don't let children get close to it. (small children especially)
  • And, lastly, be careful to not give it a mind of its own.

Appearance and Color

Specter's color scheme is shadowy-blue, with black eyes. Its body is conical, its head roundish. It wears a cone shaped hat on its head that resembles that of a wizard. Its arms are long and five long fingers protruding from it. Like Crusoe, Specter hovers somewhat, or is given the appearance of hovering. The inside of it is hollow, just big enough for a man to crawl inside. Its legs are so inhumanly made so that it is hard to tell that is walking. It has a jagged line across its face for a mouth. Though it looks quite heavy in appearance, it is actually quite light.


Norman Hughes (animatronic factory owner)

Its creator


Though not supposed to have one, Metal Spectre, when given a will of its own, is also given a personality as a result.

Specter is known to be very zany in nature, and his personality changes erratically every time.

It can be very sadistic at times, and also ghost like, often appearing out of the blue and passing through walls. It can also be childish and act and talk like a child, often talking like a little boy. It likes to play tricks and games on the employees that work at the factory, and sometimes with Crusoe himself.

It also treats its users like family, calling Norman, "father" and his creator "grand-dad".

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