<title source="name"><default>Michael the Minion</default></title> <image source="image"/> <title source="title"><default>Michael the Minion</default></title> <data source="firstappearance"><label>First Appearance</label></data> <data source="latestappearance"><label>Latest Appearance</label></data> <data source="creator"><label>Creator</label></data> <data source="species"><label>Species</label></data> <data source="AIlevel"><label>AI Level</label></data> <data source="status"><label>Status</label></data> <data source="location(s)"><label>Location(s)</label></data> </infobox> Michael is one of the two main characters of the Several Nights at Fierce's series, along with Bodhi. He is a white "minion", althrough it is unknown who is the "master" (if there's any).


Several Nights at Fierce's: Infection (Normal)

Michael is a grey humanoid creature. He has no jaw, and has big black eyes. His neck is made up of a single cylinder with two smaller cylinders coming from the cylinder's two sides. A lot of his endoskeleton parts can be seen; in his neck, in his shoulders, above his legs, etc. He has a very rectangular shape, oddly enough. Michael has a small tail through it is rarely seen.

Several Nights at Fierce's 2: Remaking (Figurine)

Figurine Michael looks mostly identical to Michael, except he has more suit parts on his arms and less of his endoskeleton is exposed.

His design is very different in Several Nights at Fierce's: World, oddly. He has a figurine-like design with ball joints, hence the name.

Several Nights at Fierce's 4: Endurance (Broken)

Broken Michael is a very broken version of Figurine Michael. All of his suit parts are gone except for his torso's. He's missing an arm and his torso suit is cracked up. His endoskeleton eyes glow. His endoskeleton parts seem to have been replaced through he has the same AI chip.


Several Nights at Fierce's: Infection

Michael is one of the most aggresive animatronics and also one of the fastest. However, he is very predictable as he does a lot of sounds. He also cannot enter the vents. Michael is easily stopped with Light, althrough he's immune to Smoke.

Several Nights at Fierce's 2: Remaking

Michael acts in a very similar way to the first game, beign a fast animatronic but beign predictable and beign unable to enter vents. However, as the Light and Smoke mechanics are gone, you need to close the door on him instead. He's also stunned for one second if hit with the taser.

Several Nights at Fierce's 3: Possesion

Michael himself does not appear, but recreations of his suit appear in the Playroom. One of the antagonists, Inky, shows similarities to him too.

Days in the Basement

Once again, Michael himself doesn't appear but spare suit parts appear in Camera1.

Several Nights at Fierce's 4: Endurance

Michael comes back this time around. He is once again fast. He is a "tracker" animatronic but is still active when the lights are off, except he is extremely slow when that happens. He also has 1/2 chance of looking for you in the wrong room.


  • Michael, along with Bodhi, were the first Fierce's Foods animatronics to perform.

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