"Hello, fellow creations of mine. It seems you have found me...The time is now, I reaveal myself, as Mitchell Cutter, your creator."-Mitch meeting the CC for the first time.
Mitchell Cutter is a schiznophernic animatronic coder that made the Cuttig Crew's first members, such as Meredith, Fozie Fazbear, Mad Jack, etc. He appears with a long, brown beard with long unkept hair to match; his white clothes are worn and tattered. His debut appearance is Cutting Crew: Deuce Ex Machina.


4 days after Chef was stuffed, his restaurant, Crazy Chef's Cutting Palace, wanted more animatronics, thus they hired Mitch. The coding and suits were made; for 9 animatronics, 4 actual characters and 5 prop characters. But, he went rogue, and slaughtered people he invited to a fake party at Crazy Chef's after midnight. He stuffed them all into suits, a tip given to him by a mysterious man, but the police had found out about the murders. He had to flee society and hide in a cabin, far from any city, and never seeing his creations for 15 years. Finally, during Deuce Ex Machina, he finally met Chef and the others and joined the CC; later on, he would become a zombie hunter in Human Vs. Machine.


Mitch seems very optimistic and happy, but that can change quick; mood swings are a symptom of his mental illness, his emotions and view seemingly changing instantly.

Special Relations

Melissa Malone-Both hallucinate things, so they talk a lot. They seem to get along okay, though the two have completely different personalities and views on insanity.

System X-The two took off easily; Mitch likes talking to him.

Wireframe- Watching the CC grow from afar was somethign Mitch has always done; He is impressed espescially with the army, so he treats Endo #7, her, and Spanish Marcher like sons.


Mitchell is actually a hostile threat to guards; off-screen, he can be heard mumbling around the restaurant, presumably someplace hidden, like under the Show Stage or a table. At a complete random chance, Mitch can pop up in front of a camera, bearing badly-drawn endoskeleton eyes; at this moment, a random animatronic will be near you, with Mitch behind them. If the animatronic gets you, he will have a duo jumpscare with a random animatronic. Possible duo jumpscares:

Ninja Nobi-Nobi leaps for you, Mitch popping up in front of the screen at the very last second.

The Chef-Chef slicing your desk in half, and Mitch diving for you, similiar to Withered Foxy.

Golden Freedy-Mitch, wearing the Golden Freddy suit, stares at you with the lights flickering. Golden Freddy's head flys at you, and just as static starts to appear, the screen cuts to Mitch yelling into the screen.

Firefly-Mitch waves goodbye as the office envelops in flames; Firefly then jumps out of the fire, with one endoskeleton eye.


-His favorite animatronic he made is Fozie, according to a quote in HvM.

-Mitch is very mysterious; no one knows when he was born, who his family was, or even his real name; "Cutter" was a last name assigned by Chef, and he just always callled himself Mitch.

-An obession with him seems to be puppets; he has puppets of everyone he has ever met, even the Puppet himself, ironically.

-Mitch can see The Flicker, the same god-esque being that Voyenanna Mashina sees. Some speculate that the both are insane, but Voy seems perfectly healthy in terms of mental condition.

-Unlike Lindsay, Mitch has his own scream used for his jumpscares. In game files, it is labeled "XSanityLostX".

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