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Moist Plumber is a joke page, which means it's not meant to be taken seriously at all. Joke pages are typically silly dumb ideas that'd never work or ideas that aren't meant to be taken seriously at all

Moist Plumber is the main character in the FNAF Balls trilogy.

First Game Appearance

In FNAF 1ball, Moist Plumber appears as Plum-Bear, an early prototype version of his modern appearance. He appears similar to Freddy from FNAF 1. He is a sea-green color, with a white snout, belly, and inner ears. Unlike Freddy, he has no eyebrows or freckles. His nose has the words "lick me" printed on it. He carries a toilet plunger with a beige handle and a pinkish suction part. The plunger usually appears clogged with bell peppers. He is the animatronic mascot for Plum-Bear's Family Plumbing Service. He is the only true animatronic in this game. 

Second Game Appearance

Moist plumber by angelthebunny123-d8nq11k

Moist Plumber as he appears in FNAF 2balls.

Moist Plumber appears slightly different in FNAF 2balls, as he has been remodeled. He is an animatronic bear. He appears very similar to Withered Freddy, except he is mostly lime green, except for his snout, belly patch, and inner ears, which are white. His eyes are yellow with red slits in the middle, similar to a lizard. Unlike Withered Freddy, Moist Plumber has no eyebrows. His nose, like in the first game, has the words "lick me" printed on it.

Moist Plumber always carries a plunger almost exactly alike to the plunger in the first game, minus the bell peppers. His plunger appears more "red" in the second game.

Unlike Withered Freddy, Moist Plumber has no damage marks. He is not the only animatronic character in the second game, as he shares the game with Pearl Boy, Mayonnaise, and Pookie the Plump ChickenPumpkin. 

Third Game Appearance

In FNAF 3balls, Moist Plumber has taken a lot of damage. He is missing the costume cover for one ear and one foot, he has noticable holes and damage marks, his plumber is snapped in two and no longer remains in his hand, and one arm is missing from the elbow down. He shares this damaged state with the other "original" characters from FNAF 2balls. Similar to the second game, the original cast was replaced with a new-and-improved cast.