" I hope I can win the plush Freddy Mommy!" said Molly excitedly to her mom. "Maybe you will sweetie." Said the mother. They had no idea on what would happen later. She watched her mother pay to get in barely managing to stay still. Before her mother could find a table she bolted over to the ball pit (her favorite) and played with a little boy named Francis. She heard her mother call for her she went over to their table and sat down eating pizza and watching the animatronic show. Her mother said she was going to the bathroom and she'll be right back. Not long after a man in a purple uniform approached Molly. "Hello little girl would you like a Freddy plushie?" Molly reluctantly said yes and followed the man to a room which is where a plushie was promised. "Where's the plushie mist- she was then struck in the head with a blunt object and fell unconscious.

She woke up with a headache she noticed a bright light above her and she was strapped to a table. After a bit of struggling the purple man came into the room. "Well what do we have here?" He said evilly. Im telling my mommy on you stinky pants! said Molly. Tsk Tsk Tsk that's not very nice Molly we'll have to remove you talking privileges. He took out a hammer and inched towards Molly he then continued to smash her teeth in all while she screamed in pain. When he was finished her mouth was a bloody mess and she had tears streaming down her face. Even though she was scared straight and in pain she managed to give him a dirty stare. Well you continue to be bad we'll have to punish you. He when and put his hands on her eyes and painfully gouged them out. Molly was screaming and sobbing at the same time. Peas et e o Molly attempted to say. The Purple man was not amused. He took a large axe and cut off her hands and feet. Molly screaming and tear stained was barely alive when he took a knife and cut along her stomach and chest revealing bones and organs. Molly was screaming very little but sobbed more knowing she would die. To make it worse he carved the words little Bitch in her tear stained cheek. He took his knife and cut her head off.

Molly was 4 when she was brutally murdered By the purple guy.

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