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<title source="name"><default>Molly the Mouse</default></title> <image source="image"/> <title source="title"><default>Molly the Mouse</default></title> <data source="firstappearance"><label>First Appearance</label></data> <data source="latestappearance"><label>Latest Appearance</label></data> <data source="creator"><label>Creator</label></data> <data source="species"><label>Species</label></data> <data source="AIlevel"><label>AI Level</label></data> <data source="status"><label>Status</label></data> <data source="location(s)"><label>Location(s)</label></data> </infobox> "It is very good pizza! although I prefer the cheese."

-Molly the Mouse

Molly is a female animatronic that helps to bring pizzas to children


Molly is an animatronic black with big ears.


Molly gets scared by anything, is a friend to all "toy".He has a strong feeling of love for Toy Bonnie.


In the golden age of the pizzeria "freddy fazbear Pizza" (Five Night at Freddy's:Spare Parts) was created a prototype animatronic mouse originally called "Bibi the Mouse". But after the idea was scrapped and Molly was created with a facial recognition technology similar to that of the toy

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