Monster Maniac is the main antagonist of the FnaF fan game "Five Nights at Monster Maniac's ". He is an orange animatronic troll with red hair, an oval shaped nose , red hair, and pointy ears. He wears a black top hat with a purple stripe on it, a green shirt with a red vest, a purple necktie with the word "Boo" in orange, and black pants.

Monster Maniac

Monster Maniac


Unlike the other animatronics, Monster Maniac does NOT become active until night 3 onward. When he becomes active, we will laugh as he roams around the pizzeria on his way to the Office. He'll start from the show stage to the dining hall, then the bathroom, then the kitchen, then the east hall, and lasty the east hall corner to get to the office. If the player does not close the right door before using the monitor when Monster Maniac is in the East Hall Corner, he will jumpscare the player, resulting in a game over. When the power goes out, Monster Maniac will appear at a random time at the west hall doorway with his eyes glowing as he plays the music box version of "Toredor march". The place will then go pitch black and Monster Maniac will pop up in the player's face and attack them. However, if the player is close to 6AM, it is best to hold still (or "Not move atall" in phone guy's case. If the player does this when the power goes out at that time, Monster Maniac's phases to attacking the player will possibly be longer and delay his attack, giving the player a little more time to hold out until 6AM.

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