Mr. Slithers is an animatronic snake made by
RandomzSunfish23901. He debuts in Five Nights at Freddy's: Mastering the Animatronics


Mr. Slithers is a dark green animatronic snake who has a pink fork-like tongue, green eyes, a black top hat, a black bow tie, and a cane. When he says anything that sounds like an S, he hisses.


He starts in the Dining Area, where he will slither two different sections of the pizzeria every time you look at the camera. Only shining light on him stops him. If he gets in the office, he hangs from the ceiling and waits in the office for a whole hour. When the hour ends, he drops from the ceiling, killing you.


At daytime, Mr. Slithers is a charming, friendly character who often sings on his very own stage. He often makes jokes about having no hands. He also has a liking for tap-dancing and singing.

At night, most of this changes completely. He is now vicious and loves killing the guard, often biting or choking the guard. He also hisses when slithering into different rooms.



  • Everyone at Larry's Diner (except Pluto, who he hates for little reason.



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