Strongest element on the block, she will guarantee to put a stop to those pesky humans! One of the three mysterious elements that came from a future time, it leaves others baffled! However, with her psychic power and abilities, it's best not to get on her bad side!


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Mystic is an all-pink element due to her element. She has an odd T-shaped body that her arms support at the corners. However, her eye color changes to a dark cyan color. Her hair is a darker pink in which the end waves behind her head. She wears the ordinary skirt that an element always has. She is considered the smallest element in the entire line.


The real Mystic has a peaceful look on life in which can never changed. She spends most of her time meditating in her room. She only uses her dangerous psychic power if threatened or attacked.

She tries to remain pacifist, but can break it if she is pushed to her limits. She doesn't mind keeping promises, however she will eventually get bored of it and forget.

A major flaw to Mystic is that she talks to herself much. She speaks to herself due to her having not that much social contact with others. It's because they're afraid of the power she possesses if they make her irritated, so nobody would take that risk. However her friends, Atropine and Siena are always there for her. This does not stop Mystic from joining a group conversation.

However, Mystics used in war act more different than the original. They act as watchers or scouts because they can't be taken out easily due to them having a invisible shield around them. They are aggressive and fierce in battle, but will fall back if they feel the battle is unwinnable.

Sarea (Elite Mystic)



Robotics with a Mystic


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Mystic's Callsign

(Guard/Friend) Sometimes, Bracer treats her to a day off or more if he feels like she stressed out.

The Overseer

(Assistant) Usually corrects it if there is an error in it's plan or idea.


(Guard/Research Partner) Drillbit can't do his studies on his own, which is why a Mystic robotic decided to help him out.


Psychic Power



Reading Minds

Shield Summoning

Genocide Rain


She was originally going to be called Skylar.

She is one of the three elements that have a unknown origin.

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Totally not based on the Pokémon Go teams

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