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Naga by Sethy



He is yellow/gold and black/dark blue in color (his color varies between his moods). He has a long black tail that gives the shape of a V at the end, which is colored yellow/gold and black/dark blue. He also has long sharp claws (which he often hides). He has a yellow/golden stomach and blonde/yellow/gold shaggy hair. He has long wings (which actually work) and he has an orange/red/green eye.


He is very devious, cunning and he is kinda laidback. He doesn't like rules or people telling him what to do, either. He is also very lazy, he hates to be alone, and likes to believe in fairy tails and mythical things (people bully him because of this). He hates it when someone is always right; he calls them a 'know it all' and he ignores all bullies, haters, and know it alls.


He was made for a diner that was like Freddy's, but it had more of a mythical effect to it and when they changed it to a more modern style, they threw out all the animatronics and ordered new ones. Naga ended up at Freddy's after they bought him for $5.00 on Ebay. The people selling Naga said it was a plushie, thinking it would be easier to get rid of and the company bought it to go with the cupcake and other plushies, but when it was delivered, it turned out to be an animatronic and, of course, Freddy's, not being rich, were happy and restored him.



He is rather good friends with Bonnie and finds him quite funny.


He likes Foxy too, because Naga sometimes goes behind Pirate Cove's curtains and sings with him.


He isn't too friendly with Chica, as she can be quite annoying at times.


He doesn't like him because he is full of rules,very strict, and will never let Naga have any fun.

Megumi the Fox:

He likes messing around with Megumi by dancing with her and sometimes, he dances with her just to annoy Julian.

Toy Megumi:

He thinks that Toy Megumi can be a bit hateful and a bit of a know it all, so he isn't friends with her; In fact, he kinda hates her.

Majikku The Cat's:

He likes to watch them preform 'magic' even though he knows it's not real. He likes to think there friends.

Ebony The Fox :

He likes to mess around with her and thinks she's quite fun and cute.

Kashikoi the fox:

He likes to be around her as he thinks she is fun to be with,because sometimes she plays with him in her free time.

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